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Well, it is not always possible to understand what your customers/website visitors think in reality. But if you want to be profitable, successful, and grow your business, check out these creative techniques for collecting audience insights!

1) Connect with people emotionally. Traditional dialogues in question-answer form don`t work anymore. Instead, think about empathy interviewing which focuses on emotional side of communication with visitors. Discover what they feel and why they behave in a particlular way.

2) Observe how they use your website, what they do in your network. Don`t irritate them with unuseful information, just give them what they want, related to their behaviour in your online space.

3) When gaining some insights, be careful and use this data as soon as possible. Remember that your competitors also explore their visitor enviroment, and can implement their knowledge earlier than you.

4) Build relationships. Become closer with your customers to learn what they care about. It`s so easy!

5) In-house experts. It`s quite an interesting way: to ask someone to help you gather interesting data about your visitors communicating with them and launching different discussions.

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