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1.  Say THANK to your customers. It is so warm and pleasant for you and them! Feel like your customers are your family and reach out to them that you are thanking them for being a customer or a client.

2. Put your decorations up. Create bright festive images, holiday call-to-action buttons. Holidays must start from the main page of your website.

3. Engage users with a creative contest. Well, it's usual practice. But nothing prevents you from creative ideas that will attract more users!

4. Show your audience how you are giving this year by incorporating your charitable activities. Christmas/New Year charity always works - for you, as well as for people you want to help.

5. Think about holiday SEO. Many keywords are seasonal, so rank well for your main keywords to get a lot of extra free traffic.

6. Get emotional with your Christmas marketing. Not just exclusive offers. Not just great contests. Emotions - that`s a necessary ingredient in almost all decisions. When you play on the heartstrings like this, you’re bound to get a reaction.

7. Remember about “after Christmas period”. Yes, that`s period, when people try to think about work again after holidays. This is a great time to continue growing your sales, when people are usually happy – and passing their time on their phone.

8. Offer free expedited shipping. For a couple of weeks. Be sure that it will be good news for every online customer, especially abroad.:)

9. Create fun social videos. Remember that one, about Mrs. Santa Claus, or funny Heathrow bears? People believe in miracles. Visualize them!

10. Share stories. Christmas is always a story. Yours. Your customers`. Share stories with them - to let them always remember holidays on your website.

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