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UI VS UX: what is the difference?

User interface, or a well-known word UI among designers, is one of the things you should think about when creating your personal social network. The purpose of UI is to get the core message to the user in a timely and elegant way as much as it is possible. The idea is to avoid difficulties and errors, and make everything simple enough yet effective? To achieve this goal, try to avoid these mistakes:

1) Inconsistent design. Consistency in design means that all similar actions and elements must look and act the same way. To remain consistent in your design, plan all the details ahead, create a list of all of your actions and then divide them into groups of same/similar functions.

2) Poor colors. In the sense of UI, poor colors mean not only wrong color combinations but also a color that brings a wrong idea or too many colors in one page, etc.

3) Too many words. Being wordy is no good. No one wants to read a novel on a landing page. Be smart and precise, let your website users see what they need without searching.

4) Headlines. Be careful with them and make them attractive. Ensure that the headlines are concise, relative and to-the-point.

5) Horizontal scrolling. Forget about this! Users usually have average-sized monitors, and shouldn`t have to scroll left or right to see the content of the website.

More interesting facts about UI and its difference from UX:

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