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Useful tools for SWOT analysis online

SWOT analysis is a primary tool for businessmen who wish to grow their brands as soon as possible. What do you want to show: your strengh, weakness threatens, or opportunities? Use these tools:

- Smartsheet. Use for free some SWOT analysis templates so you have a framework to begin analyzing your career or business. Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word templates and Smartsheet-specific templates - what will you choose?

- MindTools. You can also use these worksheets. This tool also contains additional information, such as explainer video, an infographic, lists of starter questions and information on strategies.

- Creately. Wow, that`s цhere you can create SWOT diagrams! It is great for small business owners who want to create impressive diagrams for presentations or company brochures.

- Grapholite. It`s really good when you want to create SWOT diagrams on your device (for example, Android or Windows 10).

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