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About Us New Human New Earth Communities efforts are rooted in a recognition that the world begins to change when we change our ways of perceiving, understanding, and engaging in life. We support the efforts of all who are defending people and places from abuse, injustice, and destruction. We foster connection among all who are developing new ways of living, politically, socially, and personally. We affirm the rights of all beings to ecological security for their long-term health and well being, to democratic participation in their communities and states, to religious and intellectual freedom, and to cultural integrity. We offer opportunities for creating community, increasing knowledge and understanding, deepening awareness of interconnection, and supporting activism that furthers these values. We honor the deep spiritual principles at the heart of all the world's enduring religious and philosophical traditions: compassion, celebration, gratitude, reverence, responsibility, humility, and non-harming. We welcome you to join our efforts toward creating a culture of vibrant peace—a world grounded in cooperation and compassion, deep democratic principles, and ecological integrity that supports all beings. New Human New Earth Communities reflects the eclectic spiritual backgrounds of our community, our embrace of deep ecology, and our commitment to nurturing seeds of fundamental change within our culture. Our intention is to stimulate creative alternatives for conducting our personal, political, and cultural affairs and spark meaningful action for cultural change. Our Mission New Human New Earth Communities mission is to cultivate spiritual awareness of interdependence, earth wisdom, empower full-hearted activism, and nurture the movement toward a just, ecologically rooted, culturally vibrant future. We present public events that challenge existing cultural models, strengthen community, enrich spiritual awareness, and stimulate creative alternatives for conducting our personal, political, economic, and cultural affairs.

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