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San Francisco, CA


December 17

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Yoganomics® - is a term I came up with in 2006 while I was at home, during the span of time I worked at Yoga Journal Magazine. I bought the domains, filmed two episodes of "Ordinary Yoga™" & "Yoganomics®" and viewed them to my boss Bill Harper, publisher of Yoga Journal and Vegetarian Times, the GM of the AIM Healthy Living Magazines, Pat Fox, Diane Anderson, co-collaborator and Senior Editor of Yoga Journal and Lisa Wolford, my immediate boss. The response was of some interest, and I was almost commended for expending the effort, but inevitably it was not well received. They did, however, like was the business plan I had written for the Episodes. Within six months Yoga Journal had video yoga podcasts on yoga classes, (huh...) using the business model I had created. They did not see the vision of Yoganomics®, but as it worked out, at least they recognized that I was onto something. Podcasting for Yoga Journal was inevitable, and if I had not brought it to their intention, someone else would have. Yoga Journal is confined within the defined "yoga formula" that is the brand "Yoga Journal," which is only one way of seeing yoga. My position at Yoga Journal initially introduced me to finding my niche: dealing with yoga specific small businesses: Yoga studio's, yoga vacation retreats, teacher trainings, teachers & student workshops, many yoga teachers, and Educational Yoga Schools & Yoga Colleges. Today I keep in contact with many of the teachers, studio owners, and yoga educational institutions. I am now a part of what's happening in the yoga world today - as it is happening. The people I have met and the experiences I have had over the last four years of my working at Yoga Journal are not replaceable and have been a great learning experience... thrilling, exciting and right in the middle of the yoga world... but the mistakes I made are mistakes that I will not make again. My goal with Yoganomics® is to help yogi's be self sustaining and understand yoga business media and how to use it to their advantage. Yoganomics® will be my life's work. At Yoga Journal I was providing a service that most people in the yoga industry relied upon... Yoganomics® is industry reporting that is in-depth, real, and personal rather than advertising motivated. When they fail, I fail, and when they succeed, we all succeed. So, why does yoga mean so much to me? Because yoga has forever changed my life. (Please see for the "how") As a person, I am interested in a sober reality, yoga & small business, old 1956 - 1964 Mercedes Pontons of any model, side show carnivals, traveling around the world, "manufactured recycling" and the development of useful eco products, real contortionists (vs the emotional sort), Media Broadcasting (or Web Broadcasting), investing in the future of Africa, Orphans, disability rights and reducing the number of endangered species.

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