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Crowley, TX


November 25

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I have been marketing on the Internet for almost twenty years now. My "Your Biz Success Network of Sites" is one branch of JMBR Enterprises, which is my registered business in Texas, USA. Your Biz Success Network of Sites includes: JMBR Free Classifieds, Your Biz Success Free Ad-board, Your Biz Success Safelist, Your Biz Success Ad-Exchange (no full inboxes!), 1 public access Social Network, and one "invitation only, private social network" that is listed as my ning network address. The only way to access this is by being a Gold Member in the main membership site - Your Biz The advertising sites listed above, all have free options as well as some services that charge a small fee (such as special advertising that appears network wide). We also own 1 private, invitation only Social Network that is for our upgraded members only, which at this time costs only $25.00 for a lifetime membership. Our special site for webmasters and domain owners - Biz Success - has tools for SEO optimization, link tracking, and updates sent to your email address on the current stats for your website url. This costs a small monthly fee, but gives you great value for the money. There is also a banner exchange that can be joined with a free affiliate program. Anyone wanting to own their own profitable business may also approach us about owning a partnership with Biz Success . A one time fee for set-up and the cost of your domain name is all it takes to own your own business. I also have a newsletter in the development stages that will compliment all sites in the network. I created this network for several reasons. One being that most programs do not offer enough training for the newest Internet Marketers. It is assumed that everyone signing up knows the basics. It took me a number of years to learn what has been condensed into my network of sites. I invite anyone to join me.


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