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February 7

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

Ive been on Ning for about 2 years with several networks, but have chiseled that down to just 2 now. is the main one

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  • I run the Indie Gospel Artists network and I have asked Ning to upgrade the players as well. There should be ststistic tracking and download sales. Plus the "Jukebox" application can't be allowed to die - it is the "heart" of my network.

    Please, let me know if you hear anything about these issues.

  • Hey Keith! Welcome to Ning Creators, I see you already have some great activity in the forum!
  • Hey Keith,

    I deleted your reply to the Points, Rankings and Rewards discussion, because it wasn't really related to the discussion. However, feel free to repost your question in the forum.
    - Evan

    Thats very encouraging reading you are asking us for feedback on this, I wonder if this might be the right place to bring up the request fro similar points for the music player. There are many music websites on Ning and the one thing that is missing for these networks is the ability to count:
    1. plays and 2. (if setup) downloads

    I use a script that counts the times a song is rated using the 5 stars in the music player but I am sceptical about its worth and how it works at the moment.

    Is there anything you can let music networks like mine know about development along these lines as they are definitely something that is a huge hole in Ning as regards other social networks out there.
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