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September 9

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

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  • Hello, Kent -

    Here are some ideas: (for now)

    - Get experienced admins.Admins that are experienced with running a social network know what as an admin needs to delete

    - Have a talk with your current admins.Send them a message concerning what you want deleted or not.

    - Take away their admin powersYou can take away their admin powers and leave the deletion of things to yourself.

    Or, Instead of having admins, let them report to you what they want deleted.

    As of now, Ning doesn't seem to have the ability for NCs to view what was deleted or to undelete or moderate what admins are doing. You/we can probably suggest this concern to them.

    I have a Network in which I am the only admin, and I have only 1 moderator (a friend). My moderator rarely ever oversees what's going on, so full power still belongs to me, but I do have concerns if a post gets "accidentally" deleted or what. This should definitely be a priority - the ability to undelete things.

    Let me know if there's another thread you can link me to. I'll check it out.

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