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Atlanta, GA


October 7

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I created a social network for the LBT community. Originally Labrys was a magazine that launched in 2004. Every month for the next 5 years we documented, promoted, and published the LBT community of Atlanta. It grew at an extraordinary pace. As the Publisher of Labrys Magazine, everywhere I went women of all types would come out of the wood works telling me about their story. I wish I could have broadcasted my life. You see, In the south at this time there was an awful stereo-type that depicted gay women as lowly creatures that were bitter, ugly and didn't spend money. ALL UNTRUE! But unfortunately it hung on our community like a led vial. After Labrys Magazine broke the stigma and people saw that gay women are BEAUTIFUL and DO support each other as well as patronise businesses, we began to be seen as a viable market through mass media. My only wish is that we could see each other, and share our stories. We ARE really hot you know. And VERY interesting and artistic beings. So then, BAM (yes I said BAM. I am over 30) I was introduced to the Ning social media. I through all my contacts into the Ning site and began building it. We will re-launch our online magazine April 1 2010. But this time, the WORLD can see what I see.

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  • interesting story and I wish you all the good luck Maria.btw. April 1 is a very lucky day..its my birthday ;-) ...actually we were going to launch our site on that same date too...but changed idea because of the easter week.
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