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December 15

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On our site we study theology and explain some of the mysteries that have been seeked. We also give instructions on how to receive the true baptism of the Holy Ghost which comes first with naming the sin to God then being baptized. We also tell about the Feast that are of God. We do not study paganist days so please no post of those on our network.

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    And the gospel must first be published among all nations. Mark 13:10


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  • आशीर्वाद blessings my friends /World without end--prophesies of the new world order listed in 1'st 2'nd &3'rd john after book of peter havnt been fullfilled yet.this must come to pass before world doom of fire and brimstone from the skies. ,know this we are creatures of light...

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  • Interesting forgiveness prayer..(above).

    I read somewhere in the Torah where it is written: No one dies for the Sins) or transgressions of the Instructions(law) not the ABBA for the son nor the Son for the ABBA"..// you might look that the meantime, our suggestion; You become the best Moshiach today that you can be from one to another being...Enjoy your journey



  • Greeting. I hope you will visit It's a healing site to empower people who don't have tongues or healing hand. You can recieve them over the phone or through the internet. Sing up for a membership page  and make it private if you like for confidential healing communications. Recieve a prayer and a word of knowledge if God is so moved to speaks. Hope you will also go to.


    Paula Mary

  • Thanks for coming by my page. Have a nice evening.
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