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Sydney, NSW


November 25

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I am a fun loving, always happy man, who dances, skips, sings and laughs his way through life... Author of "Awakening Humanity; Answering the Call of Our Time" Developer of Awaken Wisdom (Human Awakening programme), Great Leadership (Programme to develop leaders the world seeks do desperately), Innovation Generator and a myriad of other programmes. My vision is a world - in which human beings are free, live purposeful lives that create destinies worthy of themselves and stand for the greatness of all humanity. - where love, respect, compassion and sharing abound. - in which happiness is a choice open to all. - where human beings live openly in the field of infinite possibilities free of the shackles of fear. - where the joy of being one with all that is and will be, is accessible to all beings. My mission is to manifest this world by - educating human beings to expand their consciousness and discover the truth about themselves, thereby enabling them to create lives of freedom and magnificence. - educating and enlightening leaders to lead from their core selves creating the openings for human beings to advance their world toward one that is inclusive, peaceful, prosperous and open. - assisting leaders and those who aspire to be leaders to uncover their true selves and freely choose their destiny. Ah and in case you are getting too inspired, please note that i read a lot, think a lot, sing a lot, dance a lot, walk a lot, dream a lot, love a lot, laugh a lot.. oh! oh! and not to forget... eat a lot! I am a lover of life, people and the universe as well as a Master of Mischief! In the world of business, i have spent over 30 years with a very broad range of experiences. Leadership, Financial Management, Operations Management, Business Development, Sales, Marketing and General Management.. I am brilliant at Awakening Human Beings (Only if they want to wake up of course). I am currently excited by the following projects; - Marketing my book - "Awakening Humanity - Answering The Call of Our Time". - Running programmes to help human beings wake up! Yay! - Developing a social network of powerful people who are interested in being practically involved in Awakened projects. This group is being setup at All4114All. - Working with children who reach an Awakened State faster than any adult is willing to. I’d like to share the following with people; Unconditional Love, Wisdom, Stupidity, Wisdom, Horrible jokes, Wisdom, Kindness, Compassion, Recipes, A taste for Chillie, Amazing programmes that awaken and uplift everyone who has the courage to attend, Lots of Books and Videos that teach and inspire, A sense of humour, A willingness to put myself into dangerous situations, Wisdom (did i say that already?), Mischief, Love, Joy, Laughter, Sun and of course Confrontation... What i could do some help with is to spread the word that YOU are magnificent, magical, gorgeous, majestic and an absolute delight to know (and more people have to know this, don't you agree?). Connect with me on Facebook Connect with me on Linked In Connect with me on Twitter Want to wake up or know someone who wants to? See Awaken Wisdom. Want to find out more about consciousness in daily life? See my blog. Seeking to build extraordinary leadership in your organisation? See Great-Leadership – Leading for the future of humanity!.

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