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South Jersey


August 20

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  • I feel like giving a gift, because I care today and every day I am there to you and to all, I am happy knowing you are a good friend to have and for me it is good to be loved. You matter :)
  • Thank you for still being my friend here and for being a great person to have around, I appreciate and welcome you for all you are and so much more. Happy latest holiday, I'll keep you in my thoughts.
  • Happy thanks giving to you my friend. I hope all is well. I am thinking of you. Blessings, Elshara.
  • Thanks for being you.
  • actualy would you be willingto help  me get this set uo just right and i'll pay ya?  id love to help others getr the opebx working  great but im  kinda  doing it bytrial and error and more error then anythung haha

    if you could heklp me get it just right i ciuld hem[lp everyone else

    these probabilities got me stumped most say like 98l6% and i cant seem to figure out how to set it up just right

    if u dont have it installed on yiur own server i can hook u up  with a free server for helping me

    im just frustrated and confused 1 hour i di great the next..nothing

     a d just cant seem to get it right

  • if you will take a look ar=t how i have openx setup  and make sure i got it all right id really appreciate it in fact if your using openx server ill install openx on my server on your subdomain so its way faster

    just for helping me set it up right for best performance  cause im doing all tria and error guesswork

  • Great to make friends here!
  • Artemisia, same here your hard work Starrfire is obvious while I wouldn't want THAT much work lol I have a nice running community that is a good size.  

    Thank you.

  • Hey Starr is it me, or did my comment about you not working for Ning just suddenly go *poof* ha ha....oh well nice to see ya hon! BB
  • hi friends

    we have problem to upload files for example picture and video

    Unfortunately the upload center is blocked in iran and we have to change the upload center but i dont know how can do it?

    plz help us and reply soon

    tnx all of you

    how to can change the uploar center from http// to http//
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