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October 28

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  • We have hundreds of visitors a day that have no problem, as I am sure you do also. The people who do have problems most likely are on older computers with small amounts of memory or who have not updated their java ....or whatever. This is something we cannot control on the internet. There will always be people who treat their computer screen like a book or a tv. A computer must be consistently updated to operate well. We will not go backward. Those that cry that the screen is too busy or they lock up will just be lost to us until they upgrade. Such is the way of the internet and social networks. Do nothing and do not worry till a large majority is complaining and if that happens take stuff off your main page. (although I went to your site and it does not look like you should have any problems) the Ads moving with the screen my be slowing you down a bit...but, not that much.
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