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Chicago, IL


March 6

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Here at VotreAme we welcome women of all walks of life, business women, artistic and creative women, unique women- we are all unique. However their “chief characteristic must be courage. Power to say “this is me, “I’m the I’m”. This sounds easy, but most of us don’t really ask ourselves that question. We need courageous women to look in the mirror forget the “fashion cover”, remember you are perfect and it’s time to fall in love with you! The time has come to falling in love with the reflection of you see in the mirror, beautiful soul, innocent courages, powerful woman. We want all of our clients to feel welcomed and in during the photo shoot, please be who you were born to be. Show us your gifts that u h have to offer to the world, stop trying to fit in, and let us see your heart, your soul that will shine through, as you let go of that voice in your head, ‘i must, i should, i have to! This is time to , be free to be me” No posing, sure dressing up make up, whatever your hearts desire. We don’t want women to hide who they really are? We are strong and powerful and all of are unique. What a gift we are to the world! Thus, our mission at VotreAme (YourSoul) is to bring women together, perhaps be a helping hand on their path "to fall in love with the reflection of their soul”. We hope for every women to look in the mirror and see the brave, powerful, self - confidant, resilient but also empathetic, sensitive, caring, sensual, sexy, free woman. Be the woman you were born to become. We hope to give all that we can, to help you on your path with love. We also hope to learn from each and one of you by mutual exchange in the area of inspiration, confidence, beauty - self- Image, empowerment, passion, and clear purpose on our path with love. We hope to support each other and encouraging each other that above all all the other voices we need to listen to our heart, live and breath through our heart. “ Falling in love with me” means “Be free to be me”.


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