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December 29

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“The Scary Guy is first and foremost about showing your true colors and appreciating those of others.” - Phoenix New Times Scary Background The Scary Guy’s Resume is written in ink. He stands six foot tall, with tattoos that encompass his face and entire body, testament to his life's experiences and his own personal journey. He was born December 29, 1953, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. He wasn’t named The Scary Guy at birth. He was the eldest of three boys born to Constance Buckingham and Carroll Kaufmann. He grew up in New Hope, Minnesota. As a child he had an undiagnosed reading disorder. To this day he has difficulty reading and writing extended material. “… Looking back I realize that the drive to hear and learn from a story was a strong one. I consider stories to be a powerful process through which man communicates and shares his ideas, vision and reality. Today, I ‘read’ life stories in the faces, words and actions of every person I meet.”– The Scary Guy 2007 Scary graduated in 1972 from Robinsdale Cooper Senior High School. He was a voice major at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. He writes classical music. He is an artist. He is a singer. He is an entertainer. He is a performer. He is a comedian. He was a baby portrait photographer. He was a computer salesman. He was a tattoo artist and owned three tattoo shops. In 1998 he legally changed his name to The Scary Guy. He sold his tattoo shops. And went on the road. To teach people how to create World Peace in their lifetime Scary Today “Today I tattoo the Hearts and Minds of millions of people” - The Scary Guy 1998 In addition to his legal titles of The Scary Guy™, Scary, and The New Face Of Love, here are some of the titles others have attributed to The Scary Guy on his travels: A World Citizen, A Genius of Society, An Urban Dalai Lama, A Mind-Waker, A Difference Maker, An Energy of Love and Light, A Warrior for Peace, A Warrior of Light, A Hero of These times, An Agent For Change, An Agent for Both Sides, Planting Seeds for a Healthy Planet, Pure Love, A True Light in the Dark, Bringing Solutions and Happiness, A Prophet of Peace … Scary is POST certified, having received the Dept. of Public Safety Peace Officer Standards and Training certification for the state of Missouri, USA. The Scary Guy is requested by countries, cities and communities around the world to create behaviour modification systems on a mass scale. His custom designed programs and systems include working with: Governments Law Enforcement Military Religions Corporations Social Services Health Care Detention Centres Prisons Housing Associations Colleges Schools Scary Testimonials "Awesome speaker - thought provoking - a must see for every person!!" "Very thought provoking, life-changing!" "EXCELLENT! This presentation alone was enough to make the entire conference worthwhile." "Very timely - A very important message." "We need this type of program on prime time TV." "A wake-up call to help change the mindset of America" "Thank you for being "Real" with the "Hard Truth" to be a human again. God bless you!" "A wonderful and impressive speaker. Thank you, Scary Guy, for sharing your gift. Your endeavors by changing things one person, one child at a time, will and does change our universe. I haven't been so touched by a presentation and belief in a long time. Your wake-up call isn't just for the young." - From MSSA, Minnesota Social Services Association Conference

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