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August 31

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I'm a designer from Spain living in Guangzhou, China. My network is about having the good stuff out there. A place to communicate and being nice! My network is: I also designed these 2 Ning networks:

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  • my site is back up thank you!

    i still can't remove twitter though...

    i pasted

    .post_to_twitter {display:none;}

    .xg_sprite-share {display:none;}

    in the bottom of the css text editor and have not seen tweets checkbox vanish. any advice?
  • is there a mac version of ultrasearch?
  • i used vidalia bundle with torbutton plugin for firefox before but now entering the term "tor" on any search automatically puts it into the blacklist.

    now i use whatever proxy works. they keep getting knocked down one by one...
  • thanks. figured that part out, but can't open advanced options... getting a lame automated message saying its not available now. is it confirmed that this can remedy the issue?
  • i saw your post;
    .post_to_twitter {display:none;}

    .xg_sprite-share {display:none;}

    but it referred to "css" where is that in the settings?
  • Hahaha Victor, sure. You're welcome. Get a ready for a long wait man. I have been through it before.
    I once read an article online about migrating members and content from ning to other platforms. It was a very good experience. I have considered that option before and I am considering it again.
  • Welcome to Creators!
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