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Mammoth Hunt Jack takes his Grandpa Brian Up to the park one day They plan to catch a mammoth And take it home for tea But first they gather beauty sticks A giant has to take great care In case a mammoth up a tree Drops big pooh in his hair Do you think that mammoths can climb trees? Says Jack to Grandpa Brian With all the sticks that you have there You can’t blame them just for trying! No mammoths at The Secret Bridge Perhaps they knocked it down No mammoths at the duck pond And Jack checks all around They search up to the flagpole Hard work for tired old legs And all through the allotments Where a nice man gives them three fresh eggs No mammoths at the swing park They check both big and small The tennis courts and golf course No mammoths there at all The hunters are growing weary Jack has a brilliant scheme The mammoths must be home in bed Let’s go and have ice cream! John the little mammoth is in a nest high in the trees He loves to feel the branches sway so gently in the breeze He calls out to his best friend who is hiding next tree down Is that Jack and Grandpa Brian throwing peanuts on the ground? Felix is a dragon who is very young and shy He is glad that his friend John is there - he’s brave and doesn’t cry I think they are feeding squirrels Felix answers Can I just say If they don’t know we are up here, can we let it stay that way? Don’t be so silly, Felix - John likes to have some fun - I see that Jack is carrying his secret mammoth magic dragon stick-gun! Oh please be careful John or they will take you home for tea But the cheerful little mammoth is already half way down the tree John is soon at the bottom and he hides behind the trunk But Jack has eyes like radar, John knows that he is sunk Then suddenly he sees Felix swooping quickly down and round He catches John’s thick shaggy coat and lifts him high above the ground Jack and his grandpa Brian are clapping, they laugh so loud and hearty Come back you silly sausages we are going to have a party! John says to Jack I was told you took mammoths home for tea I am a silly kipper I thought you wanted to eat me Oh no says Jack that’s just a game to see who is really brave And Felix has just passed the test because he flew down to save You from two big scary monsters, that’s me and Grandpa Brian He was scared but he didn’t care he zoomed in and took you flying Jack’s mummy makes them pasta, their hats have bells that tinkle Grandpa Brian buys them ice cream with raspberry sauce and sprinkles Then John the little mammoth and Felix the dragon, his best friend Go to their nests high in the trees, good night, sweet dreams The End


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