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Tempe, AZ

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arizona urban arts was built to make the all world know about Arizona and its beauty. just a reason to build a new format of facebook for Arizona to create a network that will help everybody see the progress and the Art of Arizona...Our mission is to create a open door gallery for all artists of arizona to be known as around the world and also help communities around Arizona to help each-other by getting a gallery for all staving artist s to sale and market their products. Our network also help people in Arizona to market their business and promote themselves. We also build this network for the day life and night life jobs,events and promotions. today we have members join us from every corner of the globe. We are creating forums, chats, groups and apps for you to promote yourself. We also give you a free membership, profile, portfolio and others. Our purpose is also to make the world a positive place to be HELP US EXPAND AND HELP OUR COMMUNITY NETWORK BY INVITING YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. thank you! sincerely, Patrice Abrogoua Director/owner


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