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March 29

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin? - admin. - creator - creator Proud Pet Parent of flecky,ginger,Kinny and mr kat About My Pet(s) How we met: i found ginger on the beach and mr kat in a killing shelter.i got flecky from a friend.Found Kinny in front of my gate door on Easter day 2010 Pet dislikes: hmm....i think ginger hates pizza and mr kat hates beeing bothered while he sleeps.hmm....flecky hates sleeping in ordinary places.Kinny hates the next door dog. Pet’s favorite spot: one and the same sofa in the living-room;they always fight for it.Only Kinny stays in her special basket. Pet’s favorite toy: well...something makes me say...each-other!Kinny loves biting flecky. Pet’s silliest habit: oh,they're silly with all their nature! Pet’s sweetest moments: when they follow me to the kitchen and,while i eat ginger makes that cute doggy face...which i can't resist!And when Kinny makes a cute face in the photos. I crack up when my pet: when ginger does the doggy face,kat steals the food from up the table and flecky hides it.that really makes me nervous.Kinny isn't that naughty...yet! About Me i am an animal lover,and i adopted almost every pet i had from a killing shelter.i think that every animal deserves a chance for life,so i am taking in care some of the street animals;they have their unique behaviour and looks.i love all the animals,no exception(oh,except mosquitos;i'm allergic at their sting.).I am also a proud neighbour of a sweet 13 year old girl and a proud friend to many wonderful people.I have 2 websites( and i think this is the best website i've ever been on.I used to live in Norfolk,England,but moved in Romania 7 years ago to help the animals there.I discovered romanians are very nice people,most of them dedicated animal lovers,but they are judged after what a few people do.I would like to thank you all for visiting my page! My Projects/Causes well i love photography,i plan becoming a proffesionist in photography.... My Notes and Interests ,,You don't know,I teach you,You can't,I help you,You don't want....i kick you out!"

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