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500 error on some Ning Networks


Due to the maintenance in the Ning systems, 500 errors might appear on some Ning Networks.
It usually takes up to 20 minutes for our technical team to solve such issues.
We do apologize for the inconveniences, but the maintenance works are necessary for stabilizing our systems and improving their functionality in future.

Ning Team

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      • Thanks for the reply, but this has been going on for weeks now. When I ask Support when it will be fixed, they can't say. 

        I can't even begin to imagine what's so complex in programming terms that it can't be fixed over several weeks and that you can't even estimate a fix time. One begins to suspect that you've let most of the old team go and haven't hey recruited a new one, or maybe don't intend to. Or, perhaps you can explain?

        My network, and I'm sure those of many others, is pretty much unusable in the current mess. We're losing traction with our members. It's got to the point where "sorry", "we can't say" and "we don't have that information" doesn't even begin to hack it. We're left with little choice but to assume that the new owners of Ning aren't serous about maintaining their current customer base, let alone gaining new ones. 

        • Hugh, we understand your frustration and really sorry about what happened to your and other networks.

          Our company has taken the Ning service in quite a poor state with thousands of issues on many networks. Our technical team is working almost non-stop to fix all the existent issues as soon as possible, but they're not allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts that's why they can't fix everything at the same time. 

          They are already working on your issue. It happend on lots of networks expect of yours, so it's not such an easy case that can be solved within a few hours.

          Please accept our apologies again.

          • My ghast is absolutely flabbered to learn that your company declines to use magic outside Hogwarts, but I will perhaps restrain myself at this point and take reassurance at your probably wise caution in this instance.

            Beyond that, I do take some comfort from your heartfelt reassurances and hope that the hard work you tell us of will soon bear fruit and we'll all soon start to feel the benefit. 

  • I'm having this problem now in my network

    • Flavio, we do apologise for the inconveniences. I'm sure your network will be fixed really soon together with other networks.

      We appreciate your patience in this matter!

  • I'm doing my best to remain patient but here we go again.  Today we're unable to add "features" and they are missing in 2.0.  Seriously???  I realize that when Ning was purchased (each time) the crew we were let go.  I also realize and am thrilled this new buyer is finally devoting some cash flow to personnel to monitor Creators, reach out on tickets and at least on developer to fix the issues.  It just 'feels' as though the developer/engineer (whatever you want to call him) is disabling things he doesn't understand and the websites are feeling the pain.  Just the idea that broadcast messages aren't working and that all of our forum posts are filling the page instead of the 8 or 10 we select, makes my brain explode!  How can we possibly stay in touch with our members.........unless we use a third party.  Our home page designs have imploded.  That's just crazy.  ANY other website out there would be ALL over this and fix it promptly.  Maybe they need another engineer?  Maybe they need just one with more experience?  idk.  It just feels like he's removing code he doesn't 'get' and then waits to see if anyone complains.  "Oh, that's what that does?"  Come on now.  That's not how you run a business.

    Yes I've filed a ticket.  No need to respond here Anna.  Just needed to vent.

    • Kos, thanks for your comment, but I still want to reply to you to explain ourselves. The issues with features, broadcast messages etc, were all caused by the same technical issue that brought down many networks with the 500 error. Our programmers started fixing it as soon as they could. We understand your frustration and do our best the solve all the existent issues on Ning.

      We have a team of experienced developers who don't experiment with code just to see what happens. They are trying to solve the issues that have been on Ning for years, causing lots of issues on networks.

      I'm sure that you will make sure that new Ning team is here only to make the service the best it's ever been pretty soon.


      • I am sympathetic towards the site owners experiencing difficulties - it is beyond frustrating to feel unable to fix errors - but at the same time I am also very grateful for the undeniable efforts the new team have been making to improve the service. It has been a noticeable improvement in general. Plus direct communication from Ning here in Creators is very reassuring. Please don't retreat if we occasionally vent our spleen. It can be enormously difficult for a Creator if a site does not work smoothly, as we invest so much of our energy and love into them. You are doing a good job. Thanks for the updates.

        • Thank you, Anam. We appreciate that!

        • vent our spleen

          LOL You can say that again.

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