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Acquisition Update

We’re happy to report that we have a bit more information we can now share publicly with you.  While Cyndx LLC took over Ning operations last week, they were ultimately outbid by another company, which has entered into an agreement with Mode Media to acquire Ning.  We can’t yet share the name of this company with you but will make an official announcement tomorrow with more information.

In the meantime, our team is keeping their heads down working to resolve accessibility issues, squash new and outstanding bugs, and answer your tickets and calls.  We’ve started tracking some of the more visible bugs (and their fixes) on our new Known & Recent Resolved Issues page.  You can also find this page listed nestled under the top-level News tab from any page on our Creators Network.

We also know that October 1st is fast approaching, and you have questions about the stated price increase.  Please stay tuned, as we’ll provide an update on that, as well, in tomorrow’s announcement.

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  • Just incredible.  Our sites continue to go up/down with members unable to access.  FIX IT.  Oh, and paying double with no service from you?  That's a joke, right?

  • NC for Hire

    You mean to say someone noticed the big outage over the weekend and was motivated them to outbid the previous buyer? This may actually be cause for greater concern. At least you learned from last time not call this "Exciting News".

  • I'm just astonished there's an announcement. It's been so long since anyone in this company even bothered to acknowledge they had customers wanting answers. Staying positive....

    • "I'm just astonished there's an announcement."

      Agreed. At least there is some form of communication starting to occur these days. And they state:

      "We can’t yet share the name of this company with you but will make an official announcement tomorrow with more information...Please stay tuned, as we’ll provide an update on that, as well, in tomorrow’s announcement."

      Hopefully tomorrow will bring some positive news. I'm staying cheery till then...


    • I like your attitude!

  • This reply was deleted.
    •  I think "traded off again" is not an accurate statement.  We had read elsewhere that the deal wasn't final, that there were multiple bids out there and that Cyndx might not emerge as the new owner. 

  • This gets scarier by the day.
  • I feel incredibly fluffed off. I feel like I have yet again been palmed off to some one else beneath the table. I really don't appreciate feeling like my time, my work, and my site are so very unimportant that I can be shuffled around and repeatedly expected to continue paying more and more cash to keep being shifted, palmed off, and fluffed off  for supposed security and a stable platform for my network. Tell us something Ning. If it comes time  to pay our network fees but we are experiencing "Technicle" Difficulties with making the payment, does our "Technicle" difficulties mean we will get special considerations from you, or does that mean our site will go down and stay down until it is paid for, or until time runs out and it is deleted? Don't you think that we deserve the same respect and business oriented professional consideration that that you seem to demand from us? I certainly believe that we do! You are leaving yourselves looking really bad to us, and even more importantly to all of us, you are leaving us with egg on our faces and looking like the fools yet again.

  • Desde 2009 mantive 2 sites na Ning... Mas a duplicação de preços me obrigou a fechar um deles este mês... Estou acompanhando a repercussão deste amargo aumento das taxas entre todos os criadores e administradores de sites... Mas há um detalhe que está chamando minha atenção: Cadê os CRIADORES BRASILEIROS ???...  Por favor, se tiver algum brasileiro aqui, me responda.... Ficarei muito grato... Tenho receio de estar sozinho aqui !!!

This reply was deleted.