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Acquisition Update

We’re happy to report that we have a bit more information we can now share publicly with you.  While Cyndx LLC took over Ning operations last week, they were ultimately outbid by another company, which has entered into an agreement with Mode Media to acquire Ning.  We can’t yet share the name of this company with you but will make an official announcement tomorrow with more information.

In the meantime, our team is keeping their heads down working to resolve accessibility issues, squash new and outstanding bugs, and answer your tickets and calls.  We’ve started tracking some of the more visible bugs (and their fixes) on our new Known & Recent Resolved Issues page.  You can also find this page listed nestled under the top-level News tab from any page on our Creators Network.

We also know that October 1st is fast approaching, and you have questions about the stated price increase.  Please stay tuned, as we’ll provide an update on that, as well, in tomorrow’s announcement.

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  • Absurd what you do.
    Access to my network is virtually impossible in recent months. Members complain incessantly through FACEBOOK. What it will be offered, from the acceptance of new plans?

  • Who is the new owner of Ning?

  • Come on folks it is Friday, I have members that cannot log in and I dont think leaving us hanging going into the weekend is funny!!

  • NC for Hire

    Ning's effectiveness in making this announcement is currently 100% equal to someone who just plain forgot they had even said they would make one.

    It's one thing to have circumstances shift and throw off your timeline but quite another to just go into silent mode as if you have no accountability for what you say you are going to do. Is this now the new norm and what we can expect from the new buyers?

    I see no sense in making an announcement - about making an announcement. Don't tell me you are going to tell me something. When you have something to say then just say it because now it would have been better to not have said nothing.

    • Is Ning that self-important that they need to provide a day's notice for an announcement?
    • An announcement they then never follow through on delivering or providing an update on when they don't?
    • Maybe Ning just dropped in to see what condition their condition was in.

      Garfield- spot on.  Making an announcement about making an announcement, ..and then not even doing that. Now we roll into theweekend and they all go home agan til next week?  It's been two weeks now since Mode disolved themselves on Sept 15, and weve not been told who, or indeed if anyone, owns Ning. Smells like decomposition to me.

    • NC for Hire

      Click the link above to become confused. This says nothing about this present situation with Ning. Click bait? Waste of time.

  • Yet more of the same shabby treatment I guess.

  • NC for Hire

    Where is tomorrow's announcement?

This reply was deleted.