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Today we're pleased to release a set of improvements to the Activity Feed feature on Ning 3.0 networks.

The updated Activity Feed allows members to view older items in the feed, and to view new items that have appeared since they loaded the page.

We've expanded the capabilities of Social Feeds so that you can have items automatically added to the Activity Feed via RSS and Twitter.

We've added a status feature, so that your members can leave status updates in the feed, and we've added link parsing for status updates, so that if a member adds a link, for example, to YouTube, the video is embedded and playable directly in the feed. Link parsing and embedding works with a wide variety of sites, including: YouTube, Dailymotion, Vine, Flickr video, Twitter, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. We'll also provide a preview of content for any link to a site that supports the OpenGraph standard.

With this release, members can also comment on status updates and individual photos directly in the feed.

In order to see and activate the new options that are available for the Activity Feed, head to the Activity Feed Settings page in the Social Site Manager.

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  • Good stuff.

  • How about you improve the privative settings? so that only friends can see the feed of each other?

    • This is good, but I'd like it to be optional, not mandatory for all members..

    • Right I been wanting to see this feature for a very long time....

    • I haven't looked at the new Activity Feed upgrade yet, as it's brand new, but if it doesn't have the Friends Only Latest Activity (FOLA) feature, then I'll port my Ning 2 FOLA app which is currently on my N2 site and a few other sites, to N3 if it is possible to do that.  And I expect that this app will be about as inexpensive to purchase as my N2 version.  Best wishes!

      • +1

  • nice work..took awhile but nice but ..whats next what about the  important stuff like vids and events so we can finaly migrate

    • Events is a high priority for many networks.

      • I'm surprised they are leaving it so long. Events are the strongest part of NING so are important to so many of us.

    • like.

      these two features are stopping a lot of us from migrating...but you already know this.

This reply was deleted.