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Since Ning 3.0 was launched, we’ve received a number of requests for a member customizable area on My Pages (similar to the member customizable text box on 2.0 profile pages).  We’ve now added a Member Customizable HTML box that can be added to My Pages.

You’ll be able to add this to profile pages in Social Site Manager > Site & Pages.  Once there, select the My Page, click the Add Content button, select and add “Member Customizable HTML” from the Content type drop down menu, and drag and drop the module to your preferred location on the page, saving your changes.

Once it’s been added in Site & Pages, this HTML box will appear to each member on their profile page with an “Add Text” link.  You can then add content directly to your profile page by clicking that link to open the HTML field.  However, it will only become visible to other members when content is added.  If nothing is added in that HTML field, it will appear to other members as if that field doesn’t exist when viewing your profile page.

Members will have complete control over the content in this HTML box, so Network Creators and administrators should keep that in mind when setting this up, as you won't be able to edit this field on anyone's page but your own.

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  • Holy Batman!  A NEW FEATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Even though I am not on 3.0, I'm still happy to see this! 

    • Exactly! This will be cool.
    • Yes!!!!! So am I :)

  • NC for Hire
    If this was a hidden gem developed in yesteryear and unreleased, in am hopeful for what else might come next.
  • The only thing about this is on mobile you can't add anything besides a text do you developers actually think about people who do not use computers in today's world ?

    • True, but this is a good step forward.
      • To creators, my members want to post pics and discussions most are confused on how to post a pic when they see an activity feed that gives them no option... Remember everyone is use to facebook, instagram and twitter which all have the quick add button on the main page..

        I have alot of active members but most are confused on how to make post 

  • NC for Hire

    Nice! Any new feature is awesome news!

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