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Network Accessibility Update II

It appears Tuesday’s changes had a positive impact on system availability and a significant reduction in 500 error’s.  From here on out, we'll be cleaning out the backlog of reported bugs.  Once caught up, we will address missing functionality in Ning 3.0, release new features, and restart the Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0 migration process.  Please stay tuned for further updates!

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  • missing functionality in Ning 3.0

    omg could it be true???  Fingers crossed!  If anything, thank you for communicating more with us.  We feel like we're flapping in the wind out here.  A "Creators Liaison" would certainly be very much appreciated.  I can dream.  lol

  • OMG.  

    I want to migrate to 3.0!!!  I can't wait!  Thank you! 

  • Not looking forward to a migration from 2.0 to 3.0. Would like to keep the music player and video feature...
    • Hey there,

      At this time we aren't requiring or forcing the migration from 2.0 to the 3.0 platform and don't plan on discontinuing our support of the
      2.0 platform.


      I had to ask to be sure ....

      • That's great news. One of the features in Ning 2.0 is the gallery feature, which is the heart of my networks. 3.0 was rumored to have killed this feature (HUGE bummer for me) so I'm very happy about this decision.

        You folks are totally on the right track! Thanks!!!!

      • Yes I am in the group that wants to keep Ning 2.0. My network is completely customized around Ning 2.0 and has been for the many years (7 now) I have been running it. I think it should be optional for the creator to upgrade in the future. 

  • NC for Hire

    Excellent news! Thanks for the update.

  • Wow that is great news!  I cant wait for my site to be optimized for all devices.

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