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Network Accessibility Update II

It appears Tuesday’s changes had a positive impact on system availability and a significant reduction in 500 error’s.  From here on out, we'll be cleaning out the backlog of reported bugs.  Once caught up, we will address missing functionality in Ning 3.0, release new features, and restart the Ning 2.0 to Ning 3.0 migration process.  Please stay tuned for further updates!

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            • The Ning2's WYSIWYG Editor work on Mobile phones. One can actually format a comment. It is not very practical but it works. I just tried it on my site.

              • first time asking question so I don't know if this is the right place - sorry if not.  But my WYSIWYG does not work on my home page for - I don't know code at all so am I now left without any way to doing new info edits for my sidebars?

                Anyway I can fix this?  

                • Typically you go to 'Forums" and open a new post but that's not a problem.   I assume you're talking "desktop" here.  Let's see.  Have you:

                  • Done a hard refresh?  That pulls the image directly off of the server so you can be certain.  In a Mac press the Shift+Command+R key
                    In a PC in Internet Explorer or Chrome press CTRL+f5
                    or in Firefox press CTRL+Shift+R
                  • Cleared your browsers cache?
                  • Tried alternate browsers?  You didn't indicate but it could be a conflict with the browser you're on. (Firefox, Chrome, etc)
                  • Thanks Ever for your reply - I will try your suggestions.  Sometimes I get our normal WYSIWYG but last several days mostly I get code - this is now happening in our group text boxes also.  In all the years we have had our network we have never had this problem.  Thank Goodness! 

                    I am using Chrome which goes into non-stop loading attempt for chat.  Hopefully it's a browser problem - still, since Chrome is the browser I use I would like to not have to change it just to use my network.

                    Again, thanks for your help and I will see if there is a thread for this problem at the forums.

  • all I have to say is if you do quit supporting 2.0 you can quit looking for my payment each moth , because I cant stand the 3.0 , I can do more with 2.0 as I like to do then what the way 3.0 works... so if it happens , I will close my network and quit paying   , quit fixing things that are not broken just so others can get to you with there phones while driving and doing things that don't need to be done unless you use the laptop or PC . making it so easy to text and drive is bullshit ...

    • I disliked 3.0 also, Happy, and will have to find a new platform, if 2.0 stops being supported.

  • As of this morning, all my backend functionality doesn't work. So far I've discovered that I cant:

    • accept a connection request
    • approve a member application
    • add an image
    • submit a support ticket!
    • Hugh just seeing this now.  Wow, you're going through a boatload of issues.  Have you cleared your browsers cache and tried different browsers?  It looks like no one else is reporting issues 'here' at Creators.  Have you tried to file a ticket online?

      • Thanks Kos. The issues resolved themselves later that day, Functionality returned bit by bit. It wasn't a cache issue.

        • Wow, well that's good.  People don't come back to a site when they can't post anything.  Glad it worked out for you.

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