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January 1

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Helping folks live well in faith. I own and help manage several Ning networks.

George Swann replied to Naveen Jain's discussion Security error when accessing Ning network
"Everyone still has to wait until Ning updates their platform to be https/ssl compatible.  IMHO should have taken care of this many months ago already- a major paid platform ought not be behind the times like this. Maybe older ning customers are used…"
May 20
George Swann replied to Marie Mushing's discussion Registering Guests for Events
"Marie, ning is a social network, so people have to be members in order to post any kind of content in it.  This is a good idea, to prevent random spamming of your site by all kinds of kooks online.
To accomplish what you are asking, I'd think you'd…"
May 9
George Swann replied to Anastasiia_NING support's discussion Ning 2Q 2017 plan!
""Transparency is a real big deal and you would not be able to understand this until you have been a customer vested in some Ning project only to be disappointed by the service... In all such cases, the key is open communication and transparency... T…"
May 2
George Swann replied to Poppili's discussion Urgently looking for a designer to improve my Ning website design
"Looks relatively straightforward to me.  I have a couple of friends with current Wix sites that do well and look fine, though they've kept them fairly simple because they aren't 'techie' and they have low budgets. With any platform, site results and…"
Apr 29
George Swann replied to Poppili's discussion Urgently looking for a designer to improve my Ning website design
"Poppili, you're right about our sites needing to have a fresh modern look.  Need things to both look and function as one would expect these days, and be automatically responsive on all devices.
It's been a while since I looked, but gotta say Wix is…"
Apr 29
George Swann replied to Dan Lee's discussion I Will Design Your Ning Network To Make it Look More Professional
"Deeday won't even let you see the source code...definitely not
Bearcreek looks like a wix site to me.
Ning sites in general all look so dated to me these days."
Apr 29
George Swann replied to Jords's discussion Ning Website Gets A Facelift
"The growth on that big N looks like it should be lanced.  ;D"
Apr 13
George Swann replied to Anastasiia_NING support's discussion Ning 2Q 2017 plan!
"You're right Traddie. You mean the site being showcased on the home page slideshow showcase?  
Can you tell somehow- maybe someone else can tell better than I, but from a glance at 'page source' it looks to me like maybe that site is now being run o…"
Apr 13
George Swann replied to Anastasiia_NING support's discussion Ning 2Q 2017 plan!
"Important is right, Anam.  For folks who depend on their online sites, it's absolutely essential to have a way to export/archive/backup one's own site content.
Ning is a third party platform where we rent the use of their platform (without owning it…"
Apr 13
George Swann replied to Fabricio Giugni's discussion Ning 2.0 or Ning 3.0 ?
"All newly created Ning networks are 3.0 by default. You cannot create a new 2.0.
You can however buy an old 2.0 from another creator and then adapt it for yourself.  I do not believe you can backwards-migrate content from a 3.0 to a 2.0.
Be aware ho…"
Mar 20
George Swann replied to David Carr's discussion Being a Ning Network could ruin the deal
"My question is this, can my network be moved off the Ning platform to another, one that would not be on a 3rd partly platform??

Just my opinion, but I think it's a real smart idea to have ownership, control, and server access over your site yoursel…"
Mar 20
George Swann replied to Saurabh's discussion Has any one created android ios mobile app ning 3.0
""..the day they start using their phones..."  
I agree, to be effective both today and going into the future,
any platform really must be built entirely responsive and mobile-ready from the ground up. 
What are the actual results since October. Peop…"
Feb 26
George Swann replied to Nancy Marsh's discussion Erratic Activity Feed Display
"More empty promises it seems. At this point I no longer consider Ning to be a reliable platform. I've seen many who've already gone to platforms that actually deliver dependable performance and good service. "
Feb 18
George Swann replied to Jay Pfaffman's discussion Trouble with Ning Network Archiver
"There's no easy solution to this issue unless Ning invests in creating a new backup tool for their clients. Personally I doubt they will invest time and money into their 2.0 product aside from keeping it functioning. My guess is they'll want to even…"
Feb 6
George Swann replied to Arnold Burian's discussion Help with embedding javascript on a page in 2.0 site
"Just my opinion Graeme, but if you are investing/making that kind of money through your site, I would think you'd want more control and a more professional arrangement. You would do well to have a site that you fully control and can backup your own…"
Feb 3
George Swann replied to FedMedic's discussion Your connection is not secure . . .
"Bully, are you on Windows XP by any chance?"
Oct 27, 2016

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