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500 error on some Ning Networks


Due to the maintenance in the Ning systems, 500 errors might appear on some Ning Networks.
It usually takes up to 20 minutes for our technical team to solve such issues.
We do apologize for the inconveniences, but the maintenance works are necessary for stabilizing our systems and improving their functionality in future.

Ning Team

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        • Hugh, we understand your frustration and really sorry about what happened to your and other networks.

          Our company has taken the Ning service in quite a poor state with thousands of issues on many networks. Our technical team is working almost non-stop to fix all the existent issues as soon as possible, but they're not allowed to use magic outside of Hogwarts that's why they can't fix everything at the same time. 

          They are already working on your issue. It happend on lots of networks expect of yours, so it's not such an easy case that can be solved within a few hours.

          Please accept our apologies again.

          • My ghast is absolutely flabbered to learn that your company declines to use magic outside Hogwarts, but I will perhaps restrain myself at this point and take reassurance at your probably wise caution in this instance.

            Beyond that, I do take some comfort from your heartfelt reassurances and hope that the hard work you tell us of will soon bear fruit and we'll all soon start to feel the benefit. 

  • Okay someone is working on the Activity Feed b/c it re-appeared but they must not be done b/c now I can't save any changes in Design Studio.  *sigh*  Guess I'll try again in another hour.........

  • Ticket posted for out network as well --- LATEST ACTIVITY not loading to the home page, otherwise all appears as usual and functioning to allow posts and uploads

    Then BOOM! 5 minutes later all returned to normal. Probably just intermittent outages as they switch out some malfunctioning servers
    • Issue continued to yoyo on and off after this post. Approx 1 1/2 days and the permanent fix is in. Thanks, Ning!
  • so now in addition to forum posts being screwed up, there is no activity feed

    • It's been mentioned a few times already.  File another ticket.  The more, the better.  It's actually quite sad when you consider the weekends are our busiest time of the week............and our sites look like crap.  idk if anyone's on call but we need those tickets put in there either way. 

  • Happening now on my network

    • Hi! We apologise for the inconveniences.

      Our programmers are already working on this issue. Some networks have already been fixed, so yours is going to be fine soon as well,

      Thanks for your patience.

  • My site was down this morning for a few hours, but is back now.  All in all, the 500 errors have decreased substantially in the past months, so I'm hopeful the end of the year deadline for eradicating them, still holds true. 

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