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Arlington, TX


September 7

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

NC as well as Admin and Moderator on other Ning websites

Tell us a bit about your network (example: Creators is a community of Ning Network Creators who gather together to collaborate, troubleshoot, and share tips and tricks)

On 3.0 I run a casual, collaborative, social site for investors and stock traders and on 2.0 I run a political website for Conservatives. How's that for variety?! *lol* I am retired after 25 years in mortgage banking and self directing my own investments. I now work from home. I believe you will find me trusted here at Ning and I urge you to vet me via other Creators. I've been given Admin privileges by others here as well as siting in on GoToMeetings with Ning staffers. I continually assist wherever I can in Ning forums as I have found their atmosphere of sharing and Creator support to be truly unique and of great value to those new to the website experience. Whether it's tweaking a CSS/HTML code or lending a hand with internal design problems, I'm always here to help pay it forward. Feel free to message me at any time.

Kos replied to Kyryl_Ning_Support's discussion
Facebook integration. Instructions
"Suzie's site has been experiening Facebook problems as well but it seems intermitent and not on a consistent basis.  Hope Ning will look into this issue.  Clearly I'm not alone."
Mar 18
Kos replied to Bryce Rubio's discussion
A Message from Our CEO
"Anastasia an actual "post" from you announcing that migration is now being allowed, sure would be a nice thing.  I believe there are a number of members who wanted it ............and gave up hope.  Some may still be hear and interested.  Just a sugg…"
Feb 27
Kos replied to Bizz ( John )'s discussion
Ning: Is it possible to enable the comments form on posted videos like we can for photos in activity feed.
"I hate to talk that way but it's beyond ridiculous at this point.  It's like two guys and their sister are running the place.  No staffing and nothing gets accomplished.........or it's at a suuuuuper slow pace. 
Jan 31
Kos replied to Bizz ( John )'s discussion
Ning: Is it possible to enable the comments form on posted videos like we can for photos in activity feed.
"At this point we're getting almosst nothing out of Ning.........or it's moving like a snail.  Makes me quite concerned for out future here.  Seriously, this is not how businesses grow."
Jan 31

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  • Thank you




  • Hello could you help me on an issue, am i looking for someone who wants to sell a ning 2.0 knows someone willing?


  •  Yes I contacted him, he will help me thanks for the attention

  • hello!

    I would know if these codes still work I tried to put in my network but it did not work the way expected

    <!-- Members textbox add CSS v5 part 1 -->
    <!-- Custom code head code box -->
    <style>input.button.addcss, .GC_CSS {display:none;}</style>

    <!-- Members textbox add CSS v6 part 2 -->
    <!-- Custom code End of Page Code box -->
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>…
  • Hi Kos, just wondering if you know how to remove a group creator from admin privileges in the group but leave them in the group in Ning 2.0  I have some groups that I asked people to create to fulfill a national function but they are not doing it so i want to replace them with other leaders that will, but the group has too much work done in it and too many members to cancel the group and start again.  Thanks

  • Hello, can you (or someone other than you) show me/help me with adding a 'Back To The Top' Button. My pages, on ; , can be quite lengthy and I feel a Button would greatly benefit myself and allow every user a shortcut to go to Top Of Page. Please give me some insight (and laymen's terms directions....Uggh) if possible. thank You Very Much

    Chris F.

  • Pam I'd be happy to take a look at it for you

  • If possible would you take a look at the site/code and see if you can determine if it's an old theme etc?  I will send you the guest login and password of you are willing.


  • Can anyone tell me if the ning 3 is possible to do a restore standard?

    The profile page has disappeared ...

    By clicking on the profile page appears it. This is true for all members

    the panel my page, clicking does not appear anything, or is selected. Can anyone help me?

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Always around to help :-)
Dec 8, 2017
"MRS" release witness

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