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Nevada City, CA


December 23

What's your role? Network Creator (NC) or Admin?

I created a art some for mosaic artists

Pam Givens replied to Pam Givens's discussion
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"I thought this was a global matter- what does that mean.  If I'm the only one then maybe it's on my site as I said before.  Wouldn't hurt to have some one look again at my site - please."
Dec 4, 2018
Pam Givens replied to Pam Givens's discussion
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"If it's global wouldn't that mean that a lot of people would want it fixed and fixed quickly so they don't have the growth of their websites stalled....maybe I don't understand the term Global?  "
Dec 3, 2018
Pam Givens posted a discussion
It's been 5 months since I put in a support ticket to have the invitaiton link fixed on my site and the response I get is thank you for your patience.  I was also told that it's a global issue. Are any of you having this issue?  I'm missing out on m…
Nov 16, 2018
Pam Givens posted a discussion
I put a ticket in, in July to get an issue resolved and the invitatioin link on my site is still not fixed.  I'm curious as to why it's takiing this long?  Do you have any ideas about what might be going on with NING?  Are they short of tech people?…
Oct 14, 2018

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