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Pasadena, MD

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I run five websites. I have created several on NING and only one will remain. This is my private site by invitation only and has over 1800 members. I run four other websites outside of NING.

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  • Just sent a friend-request (noticing the NING 3.0 doesn't allow the sending of a message) and hope you will share a link to tyour SE PhP site.  I'm looking to test-bed it for our NING network soon, so I'm in research mode!

  • Donna - Can you email me your socialengine url at Laura @  I would LOVE to see it. Thank you !

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!
    Hugs, LadyHawk (Afterhours)
  • I totally understand your point about migrating. I agree with you.

  • Each day’s a new beginning,
    A time to start anew,
    While all the stars are sleeping,
    The rose is fresh with dew.

    Each day’s a new creation,
    Too lovely to ignore,
    We may find a blessing,
    Just outside our door.

    We cannot keep the past,
    Like fireflies in a jar;
    Nor journey to the future,
    By wishing on a star.

    Every sunrise is a blessing,
    A gift for just today,
    Rejoice my friend,
    Embrace it before it fades away!

    © Author Unknown

    photo sun736fkpw.jpg

    Blessings Always

  • Thank You!

  • look at your site now

    u had all your 2.0 css in there

    i took out your 2.0 cs pasted in mine adjusted a couple colors and transparancies and poof 30 seconds to a new site

    yoir 2.0 css needs to be recreated for 3.0 or created from scratch to fit 3.0 3.0 is much easier to code for

  • A discussion was closed by Eric Suesz from Ning
    He said "I think this issue is resolved, so I may close out this discussion".
    But for me the issue is not resolved : I still wait for the delayed message !
    Is the issue resolved for you ? Can you realy send broadcast message now ? Please help me to know if I'm the only one to have this issue.
    An other discussion about the same issue is still open
    Thank you,

  • Outr ticket was marked resolved -the answer when QUESTIONED was "it's marked resolved because this is now a known issue-however your trouble ticket is a "marker" and we will REACH OUT TO YOU and let you know when the issue is resolved".

  • I LOVE IT! the topic re: THE text edit ISSUE HAS BEEN CLOSED BY ning!  RIDICULOUS!!!

This reply was deleted.


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