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Great news for Ning 2.0

All of you have definitely heard about 3.0 Upgrade, but our team also aspires to stay in-line with Ning 2.0 Creators. Your successful experience remains our priority, that is why we are working assiduously on updating the Ning 2.0 platform.

We believe that you will enjoy the changes we are going to implement. Our developers are improving the product and striving to offer you more advanced technical solutions:

1. Currently, our team is working on updating Chats version. You can expect new Chats to go live in the first half of June, and you will be able to choose whether you want to upgrade this feature or stick with the old version. Check your dashboard regularly not to miss this release.

2. As in 3.0 Upgrade, on 2.0 platform you will also be able to monitor your networks analytics. As always, we focus on providing our customers with more optimal and user-friendly solutions, therefore, the function of network analytics, as well as its customization and support options will be available in the near future. 

After analyzing your networks, we decided to provide all Ning 2.0 creators with custom support. So, there is good news for you – we are going to help you out with design and layout. As we do care about your achievements, we want to help you facilitate and improve your own networks. We will monitor them and draw up a list of recommendations for improving the design.

Our mission remains the same - we strive to help our customers to realize their business ideas by offering them a unique opportunity to create and manage their own social networks. We pay precise attention to the quality of our product and your experience with it.

If you want to upgrade a Ning 2.0 Network to Ning 3.0, you will get the ability to import Ning 2.0 members and content to Ning 3.0. Migration script is currently under active development. Please fill in our migration form if you are interested so that we can put you on the waiting list and you'll get all important information via email as soon as the migration script is ready. 

If you have any suggestions or you need help, contact us via email or live chat.

We are grateful for your staying with us and inspiring our development!

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  • This notice would have been really nice, if it had happened that way.  Instead, in August of this year, you decided to destroy your 2.0 platform by removing all previously uploaded image files.  Running a game site for 9 years, for me, this meant over 10,000 images. 

    For the 1st three months, after my uploads started disappearing, I Q&A'd with support.  I was told nothing about why they disappeared and when asked was told to upload them again.  I did upload them again, and copied all the embed code into my database. . .until the replacements  started disappearing again.  After an ongoing ticket (that I still don't consider closed) I was eventually told that all images would have to be resident on my site, in order to be able to use them again.  I started that process in about October.  

    Now, after re-uploading the thousands of images during Aug and Sept, I was informed of the platform change?!?!?!  I am still in the process of making all the files "resident" in forums created for that purpose, and now "resident files" are disappearing.  

    First of all, you would think that a company selling you a service would inform you of this kind of radical change to the platform, right?  Secondly you would think that that maybe there would be some procedures in place to help them through the process, right?  None of that is the case.  All I am able to get for a response from support, is they report the disappearances to technical support.  That the resident images SHOULD NOT be gone.  That they are apologize and are sorry for the inconvenience. OMG, if you had 10,000 anything disappear - it would likely be a bit more than an inconvenience, just try having your bank tell you that they're story for the 10 Grand they lost so you default on your mortgage!

    I really don't see how Ning can still be selling this platform to all their 2.0 customers, when they cannot seem to hold on to the files they say they support.  Do you?

    • Hi there!

      I'm sorry but we haven't decided to remove all files, we have fixed the file removal functionality that hasn't worked properly for a long long time. Previously you have been able to upload the file to the comment, remove it and use the link afterwards, however the functionality suppose to work another way, since the container of the file is removed it would also remove the file, that is the normal way how this functionality suppose to work from the start according to the code and documentation that we have seen, and we haven't thought that somebody is using this bug to avoid using the file manager.

      Back in September, our tech team has checked the links you have provided and it appeared that the files are disappearing because you are removing the place where they were stored, and informed you about that. Since right now you are uploading the files to the comments and not removing the comments themselves so the photo should stay and you should be able to use that link somewhere else if needed. (At this point, I don't understand why not to upload the photo to the comment where it should be instead of inserting the links to the photo that have been uploaded somewhere else but that's your choice).

      Unfortunately, it would take some time for the tech team to find the necessary logs to check why the file you have uploaded has been removed by the system, once this information would be passed to us we will be able to inform you why it's happening in order to avoid the file removal in the future. As I've seen one of my colleagues together with has run the test on your network, and the picture that she has uploaded hasn't been removed, so far it seems that there is something wrong in the procedure of the file upload that you are using, but without the response from the tech team I cannot be confident.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • I don't use the "comment" sections on any of the forums much, so I don't know what your talking about.  If you wrote something into your program that removes the container for an image, I think it was extremely short sited.  I change containers on my computer all the time, and just because I transform a gif into an mp4, that does NOT make either of them disappear, nor should it.  In my particular case, where the 2.0 platform does not have the capacity to hold all the many thousand of files I tried to make "resident" and still allow editing of the alpha letter group, there was no option but to move them into another forum so they could be edited.  (Your tech staff has never addressed or fixed that problem) Since you obviously did no testing before launching the change to the API80 files, you probably wouldn't know that. I cannot imagine that anyone would consider living a life where you put something down in one place (in your house or on your computer) and expect it never to move again, if you want to retain it. Maybe the foundation of your home, but nothing as mutable as an electronic image.

        That is really not the issue, currently.  I have spent countless hours during the past 5 months, endeavoring to make my game piece images "resident" as your CS team now says is necessary.  Images that I embedded into the "resident" forum and never touched again are disappearing. Therefore, your system is not working.  The amount of work required just to keep tabs on the images that keep disappearing is crushing. I've rewritten countless programs in my database and made table changes, just to let me know that an image was uploaded, appeared as it should, and was marked as viable for use.  Then the next time I go to use it - it's gone. You have wrecked the best and most stable platform you had, for the ability to account for every inch of space used by each subscriber. 

        It is totally irresponsible of Ning to come in and wipe out 10's of thousands of images that your subscribers PAID for years, to put where they were expected to remain, and do so without notice or discussion. Expecting subscribers to use their own time and energy to then replace everything you wiped out, is insult in injury.  Bottom line is, your system is not working.  Making images resident is not preventing them from disappearing and you need to fix that, if you continue to sell this platform! 

        P.S. Please use a larger font size if you reply, 8pt is extremely difficult for me to read.  Thanx

        • Hi Cat!

          From your comment, I see that we aren't on the same page. According to the clarification from the dev team, regarding the images that have been removed (but not your last report as I still wait for the results regarding the last case), the container where the images being stored has been removed. Under container, I mean the blog post, forum post, comment, reply etc into which they have been uploaded initially. So this place of the images dislocation been removed, why should the image that has been uploaded there should be stored in the system regardless the fact that the comment for example or post was removed. In other words, you have uploaded the image by using the tool in the text editor into the comment, reply or post, then the post comment etc been removed (I should outline that we don't remove the comments or post, it could be done only by NC, admin or the author of the comment) that's reasonable I suppose that the file that has been attached to that posted (uploaded into that post from the humble beginning) should be removed as well, otherwise how would you control the removal of such files, there is no toll for this. This functionality has never worked properly as it supposes to work, that's why after the fix it has started to remove the files that don't suppose to be available as the location where they were uploaded be removed. One more time I would like to mention that we haven't known that somebody is using that BUG to store the picture, we haven't had any intention to harm someone, all we have wanted is to fix that BUG.

          What I get from the conversation that I have seen between you and support agents, you have some sort of the place where you store the links to all the photos you have uploaded, and then you are using those links to embed them somewhere on your network (as far as I have seen from the reports that mostly the comments on forum or comments in blog posts). So according to what I have mentioned before those files initially, have been uploaded to the place that has been removed (I should outline that this fixed functionality or we don't remove the comments, posts etc) by the NC, admin or author of that post/comment that is why the files initially uploaded there were removed. Correct me if you are uploading you're adding the pictures to the comments etc in another way.

          Right now, from your last message I have understood that you have uploaded the files directly into the comment in group (I'm talking about the link that you have sent us lately), if that's is right (correct me if I'm mistaken) the photo should stay on the network, and we are investigating this case.

          There is no difference whether you are on the 2.0 or 3.0, there is enough of space to store thousands, millions of photos, it's not an issue, the issue is that the people expect that the file would be physically removed when they are removing the place where it was stored.

          Hope that things are a bit clearer to you right now. Of course, that the bug fixing has disappointed you so much, if necessary I can upload the files that way so you will be able to use them but it would be better to figure out what is going wrong, or what are you doing wrong if that the case.

          Sincerely yours,

          Ning Team.

          P.S. Please quit spamming people on creators, I have already ready received one report because of this, I know that you are not the spammer, but if you continue I would have to block you for a while and continue the conversation in the emails. You can continue the conversation here on the forum, that's fine, but no worries this post have been seen by people as it appearing each time in the Activity feed once somebody is leaving the message here 

          • Firstly, no spam!  I have a list of folks in the Creators that were running 2.0 and left a note on their home pages that this topic from June of this year, was now revisited and they may want to view it if still using 2.0. I'm sorry if someone considered that spam, as I HATE spam.

            Next, I hope you are not telling me that the Image forums I created for the files to become resident. . . has been deleted?!?!?!?  If so, why and by whom?????????????  I am not concerned about any images in the games now, as I try to keep those pages down to 3 and delete page 4 as it appears daily. Since they are not the original uploads that are being deleted, they are not in jeopardy of disappearing, correct?

            Since finding out about the "resident" requirement, I've uploaded no images to the games.  All of them are now uploaded to the Images section and appear in the games, from the embed code or I assume what you call the link. I was told that images would remain, so long as the "original" was never deleted.  That, however, has not turned out to be true, and am waiting for a tech response about the missing files on a ticket (without a number) that I can see, but which was started on Nov 11th regarding the fact that the pages where I as storing the images, became un-editable.  Since there is no possible way to get all the files uploaded at one time, they must be editable for them to be of use. The files are put there through your image icon on the edit bar (not the cumbersome file manager).  When I could get no answer about how to fix the un-editable pages, I moved them to top forum positions and broke them down into almost all single alpha-letter pages.  I did not ever delete the original uploads!  They are, however, moved to the top edit facility, rather than the edit link at the bottom of nested pages. . . that was not working and is still unusable. 

            Can you tell me why you decided to mandate such a protocol, without notice or explanation to your subscribers? As I said in the post of the 29th, that alone cost me months of trial and error, extra work, and eventually all those files went missing. Your own customer service people had no idea of what was happening! 

            If you're a fan of irony, this is a bute.  I'm paying you for a place to story my files so the games can be posted, and you are causing me hours of time and effort for the privilege of that cost. (all of course after paying for years, to get original files to your server - so you could manage to delete them)

            Thanks for the font size increase, Kyryl.  My stressed old eyes appreciate the effort! 

            • Hi there!

              Thanks right, if the file still in the place where it was uploaded initially it shouldn't be deleted by itself unless you remove the original place of its location. I have just run the test on my test network and the files are not getting removed if I remove the place where the picture has been embedded, so since the original place of upload stay untouched, nothing is happening to the picture.

              As far as I can see the image forums you are talking about are not removed and still in their places, at least I'm sure that this is so as the link to the group that you have sent us in ticket still could be reached. 

              I have several ideas how the issue could be reproduced on other network but I would have to upload lots of images into one comment so it would take some time, hope this would work.

              The decision to fix the BUG with the file removal has been made because we have received several complaints regarding it from other creators, and basically this is how it was spotted after the research the tech team realized that it was so for a long time. This the whole story of this BUG.

              Of course, the customer support is not able to tell you just from the start what is wrong, those guys are not almighty unfortunately and it's necessary sometimes to research the issue with the tech to find out what is wrong.

              I really do apologize once again for the fact that your files were removed, but back in August (I'm not talking about your last ticket as this issue is still under the research) you have been using the BUG to store your photos, and the back should be fixed, so if you are using some you are doing this at your own risk. At this point I can just offer the help in file uploading, you can send the files to my email, I'll upload them to the server and you will be able to use the links to them anywhere you wish.

              Best wishes,

              Ning team.

              • Well I sincerely hope you can fix what you're calling the "bug", because to me it is a serious problem. I'm making notes on these Resident/Saved files as I replace them again.  9 disappear Saved TV Poster files and 29 more, here: Missing Gif files  Please note that the bold title means it uploaded correctly and showed on the screen.  The addition of "=" means it was a 1st upload and the '_' means the embed code was entered in 3 different tables that I have running for the game.  Any bold title that you see on these pages should have a jpg, png or gif image below it, as it did when I first put it there. Making all these notes as posting takes a lot longer, but until you've got the "bug" straightened out. . . it needs to be done.

                In February, I will have been running this site for 10 years, which accounts for the many multiple database tables I've created, and makes the transition to this new format even more difficult and time consuming. I learned the hard way, that I cannot just enter the embed code in the table I'm using, but also any others that might be used, or I'll get missing images from old code. I have never had to deal with the lack of capacity issue on 2.0 as I never had to keep all images together in keeper forums before. It's a learning process, and I'm not happy about having to leave all those nested items alive, but will not delete any of them for fear of losing the new forum images.  It also makes the job of transition a lot more difficult, as invariably I run into missing images on my harddrive that have to be located and replaced.

                Thanks for the offer, but I will not be sending you files to upload.  I need embed code (not links) on all game pieces, which is why I can't use the file manager.  I mentioned to Alex, that if they file manager had the same capacity as the Video upload, where both link and embed codes are given, (and has tag, search facility) then I would use it.  I know that by adding both prefix and suffix code to the links, I can get the embed code, but that's a whole lot of work that I don't have time to do, and still run the site and get all the files replaced. 

                • Hi there!

                  If the embed code you are talking about looks like this:

                  <a href="" target="_self"><img src="" width="750" class="align-full"/></a>

                  I can provide you with such codes for each picture you would send me. I'll just use the script to generate the embed codes instead of creating them manually, that would take less time comparing to manual creation of such codes.

                  Anyway, the decision is up to you.

                  Best wishes,

                  Ning Team.

                  • Well, since I don't trust that my game pieces (that are .gif's) will not disappear, and it's way too time consuming now to go find the original on my harddrive, then go find it in the saver files, re-upload it again, put the code in the database... just in order to keep the game running, I've decided to swap them all out for video. At least I've never lost a video, and can upload many multiples at a time, have a tag and search facility on them and it provides both link and embed code.  I'm still relegated to use the new image platform for all answer "jpg" files, but will just have to deal with the new format and keep my fingers crossed.

  • I don't want to "upgrade" to 3.0.  So why am I getting a warning when I log into my site that I have to "choose a new plan" in order to "retain my content".  I thought the new owners promised to keep support for NING 2.0 going?  Was that all a lie?  Are the 2.0 networks being forced to upgrade?

    Aside: when I followed the link to check on the plans, it didn't take me to page, it forced me to send an email to NING support. 

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