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A more interactive Main Page

Your Main Page is the hub of your Ning Network — the page that gets the most traffic and the page most visitors see first. It's your one shot to wow newcomers, and it's the best place to engage your members. Over the next several weeks, we'll be introducing a bunch of new features to make your Main Page even more compelling.

Rich Text & Media in all of your Main Page modules

Your Activity, Blog, and Forum features will support rich text and media. This means that if someone posts a video, you should be able to play it from the Activity Feed. And if someone posts a forum discussion with a photo or hyperlinks, those should appear on the Main Page as well.It's a simple change, but making content more engaging on the Main Page is a great way to draw people deeper into your community.

Like & Comment on Status, and post a status from the Main Page

We've seen great traction of the Status feature, which lets members share updates and integrate with third party services like Twitter & Facebook. We'll continue that momentum by improving Status in 2 ways:1) Let members post a status from the Main Page2) Let members comment on and like status posts.

Inline Commenting

Finally, we've seen great engagement by allowing Liking inline on the Main Page. We want to take it to the next level and let members comment inline on the Main Page in the Activity Feed and Blog module.We're just kicking off work on these initiatives, and we'll have more updates as we get closer to releasing. I just wanted to share these projects with you early, and get your initial thoughts and feedback!

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  • thanks for the tips(-:
  • will the number of posts we can display be increased from a max of 20 to more? I hope so
    • We've heard that request a number of times, John. Not sure yet, but we know it's something you'd like to see.
      • Eric.. i sure hope the See More activity is included in this big new interactive status update.. if not everything you guys are doing is of little use, becuase the more successful your network is, the more activity that will go on, which means that 20 items could mean you can only see the last 5 minutes of activity.. as much as i'd like to think that all my members LIVE on my network, i am pretty sure this is not the case, so the MORE ACTIVITY is an absolute must...
        • Hey, Chris. One thing to keep in mind is that the latest activity is meant to be a snapshot of the newest details and not necessarily the main way your members will interact on your site. If I have more info to share about this being part of the project we're working on, I'll share it, but I don't right now.
          • Eric,

             I personally think a "see more" link at the bottom of activity feed would be awesome, Chris has a good point, if you've had a very active hour (my network is sporadic like that, especially Sunday when races are being run), 20 pieces of latest activity can get covered up quite fast. Although I won't ever have more than 10 (and maybe even less so I can better utilize space on the main page), I, and most everyone else would love to have a "read more" link, and especially with this new feed, as it is a LOT more interactive.

            • I hear you. I can see how this would be useful. Just saying that this request might not be part of this project. The product team has heard this request from a number of people. If I find out anything new about its status, I will weigh in. 

              • Just sayin', Eric, as I track what I do and others do, I see that Latest Activity of the network, which is displayed on every page, is one of THE primary ways our members discover content they interact with. Possibly THE main way. Our 20 items often range over 3-5 hours of activity, and we have maybe 50 people on per day, and I notice that when an item is in the LA, it attracts activity a LOT!!!!

                So, just info about this one network, and the importance of the LA for us.

      • Eric, you will not find me yelling too loudly about number of items displayed in LA feed on network pages UNLESS the max falls BELOW the currently available 20. I would love to be reassured about that....

        Of course, more is better, but I don't want the increased amount of information on each item to reduce the number of items. That would be way counterproductive to engagement, IMHO.

        • I think the real issue here is to get a "more activities" at the bottom of the new interactive latest activity module.

          I imagine it's going to take up a lot of space with just 20 activity items, now that they can be commented on (!!!).


          we need the facebook solution where people can click at the bottom if they want to see more activities. This has the added benefit I think, if I choose to only display 10 items: takes up less space, but people still have access to the same amount of activities simply by clicking.

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