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We have great news for you - our tech team is about to implement a new SSL-certificate feature for all Ning 3.0 networks with a * domain. It's all set and ready for live release but we need to make sure that we've considered all possible requirements for proper massive implementation. That's why we are looking for a test network who wants to be the first one to try out this feature.

Here's what we're looking for in a network in order to have a complete full HD test and to avoid all possible issues that may appear in a real time situation:
1) it should be a network on 3.0 platform
2) it should have a * domain or a custom domain with SSL certrificate
3) it should be a network created couple of months ago, preferably with a high-load platform and/or custom code on it
4) the members` quantity is not that particular, however, if you have 100+ members - that would be a plus

The test won't take long - a couple of hours only and it will be done at a nighttime between 12 pm - 5 am PST. We guarantee that your network won't be messed up and our developers will monitor it until SSL works perfectly fine on your network.

If you are interested in getting SSL-certificate first among Ning users, please email us back at or leave a comment on this post below.

Thank you for trusting us and let's work together towards releasing new upcoming features in a real time with real networks on test!

Best regards,
The Ning team

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  • This reply was deleted.
    • Hi there!

      Could you please share the link to the page which is shown as non secure so i could check what's causing it?

      After I'm be able to tell for sure what's wrong or fix it myself if it's possible.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • would so be interested in this, I'm popping up hazardous in chrome!!! on 3.0

    • You just have to go to your dashboard, thrn go to Domain Mapping. From that point toggle Yes on the area that says "Use SSL For Network" since you are not using a custom domain.
  • is interested in getting SSL-certificate. However, Please make sure that all members' blogs, photos and videos will not lose during and after the process.

    Thank you and Best Regards!


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    • Hi there!

      Thanks for reaching us out, however as it's written in the post from above we are looking for networks located on 3.0 platform, while yours is on 2.0. 

      Apologies for any misunderstandings.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • I really need this but I'm 2.0, because members are being scared away now due to warnings. If I put get an SSL for my customer domain, will my site be protected?

    • Hi Steve,

      Sorry for delayed reply I have missed your comment somehow. So let's correct this situation.

      The certificate is needed to make your network encrypted but unfortunately, the certificate itself is useless until it has been set up on the server. So if you purchase it, it won't work until it's set up on our side.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • Hi Kyryl,

        Thanks for your reply. It's not going to be available on Ning 2 then? How soon will I be able to migrate to Ning 3?

        • Hi there!

          Yes, unfortunately, SSL won't be available for 2.0 platform. Right now the script is still in development. There are still several tech issues to solve like the transfer of the custom design and part of the content. However, when the beta version of it would be ready for tests on the live networks you can take a part in the beta test if you are interested.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

          • Hi Kyryl,

            Thanks. As long as the beta test can be made from a copy of my site, I'm probably interested. We have about 150 gigs of content, so it will be a good test.

            We use photo albums a lot, and Ning 3 doesn't have them. Is that something you're working on adding?



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