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Today, we're excited to announce our partnership with BandPage. BandPage is a central profile that more than 500,000 musicians use to automatically update and synchronize their music, tour dates, photos, videos, and About content on other social channels such as SoundCloud, Twitter and Pandora, as well as their website or blog.

BandPage teamed up with Ning to bring dynamic community features to bands that are ready to go beyond Facebook and a static website, and let their biggest fans take center stage. This new partnership makes setting up a fan community super simple and fast for BandPage users. A band initiates the process by connecting its BandPage account to a Ning 3.0 Network. Once connected, BandPage features including music, tour dates, band videos, About page, and mailing list, are automatically synced to the new site and added as modules that can be incorporated into any page. A band then uploads a header and background image and, if needed, makes adjustments to copy font and color. 

Run River North is a great example. They approached us last Thursday about building a fan community on Ning. Within a day, they had launched and were already inviting fans to join them and make their new community a destination where they could connect, converse, and cultivate richer relationships. Check out the site – and join if you are fan!

Bands who want to engage with their fans at a deeper level can take advantage of the power and flexibility of Ning 3.0 to add features and custom pages on the fly: fan photo section, individual band member blogs, a private street team forum, contests, and more. In Dada Life’s Dada Land, for example, Citizens can climb the member ranks and become Ambassadors by completing missions. We're excited to watch the evolution of Dada Land and other band- and fan- led communities. 

For more insight into this new partnership, read our interview with Chris Wiltsee, director of business development at BandPage.

To check out some of the musicians already using Ning and take a tour, visit 

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    • I don't believe they've fully launched the community yet, but it can be found at

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    • You mean the band broke up?  I honestly can't tell from their site!

      (a friendly note-  just so you know, the well known sayings are either "throws in the towel" (quits) or "throws their hat into the ring" (announces they are entering a competition or election), and they have kind of opposite meanings.  Thus, "throws towel into the ring" is an amusing but meaningless mutation. I imagine you meant "throws in the towel".)    :)

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        • Rowald, I'm glad you didnt get mad at my correction.  It was indeed a sort of funny hybrid saying, mixing the two together. Just so you know, native English speakers do these things too, especially young people who aren't that familiar with 'old folks' sayings'.  lol!   ;-)

  • hey everyone. This was my suggestion and the listened to me.

    (sad reach for recognition)

  • Not having a music site, idk but hopefully some of the other Creators here will chime in with their ideas.........OR start a forum post of your own asking for ideas on that subject.

  • With this integration will artist have an option to sell there music?

    • There is no eCommerce solution built into the BandPage platform. You could still use it for teaser tracks and link out to your preferred distribution partner. DistroKid is a super cool new tool that makes it possible to upload salable tracks to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon in just a few clicks.

  • Thank you Kos I got it wow I love this intergration Ning has done it big on this one I am amazed.

  •  I love Ning for this, I have a entertainment website based on Artist and performers, and this is exactly what I needed thank you so much I love it..  question where would I see this at?  is there a way to connect that with your ning 3.0 is it another service to pay for? or once you pay the $25 it will be connected to your ning 3.0? 

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