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Cleanup on creators network

You might have noticed some old comments and posts being removed from the main thread and we wanted to give you a bit of an explanation regarding this.

We would like to keep creators community as relevant as possible so we have decided to do some late "spring cleaning" content wise. We try not to touch anything that could still be viable to our members, or the information that is relevant and useful, but since this is the place to share knowledge and experience or ask for advice we had to remove some unrelated treats (like the bug reports from 2011) and move old but maybe still useful discussions here.

If you wish to bring some of them back to the main thread please contact me in private.

Best wishes,

Ning Team.

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  • Sorry to say things are not all working . If everything is working properly then I would not have a site where you ning has messed up many pictures you hold in my memory  files for my site .

    Many pictures only load half way and others only show some of the picture and the rest is just a solid color and not the hole picture, and this did not start till you updated 3.0 twice before,

    I made tickets after tickets  and called and this problem still to this day has not been fixed . Now do you have a new reason ning is not storing my site files properly when opened for display ...


    • Hi there!

      I have checked the communication related to your network and the last ticket you have sent was regarding the image uploading from teh tablet, one of our agents has gotten back to you the same day with the request to specify some information (the number of ticket is 1883825). Could you please check this on your side as we haven't received any reply from you related to that issue so far.

      Regarding the issue, with images, you are reporting right now. I have checked your main page and yes it seems sometimes the server is sending "bad" replies instead of sending the picture you have uploaded, however at the same time the picture could be loaded by the direct link, that means it wasn't removed of blocked and still stored on the servers. I'll create the bug report and pass it to the tech team for the further investigations, apologies for any inconveniences.

      Also please be informed that updates on 3.0 platform cannot affect 2.0 networks as the code is stored in different directories, however, as usual, we release several updates at the same time and they could be related to different platforms as well.

      I'll let you know when I would hear something from tech team.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • Thank you  and problem with the info on my ticket says just what is going on with my pictures in the site ,

        As for a screen shot ,I can not get one from this tablet, if the tech would take a short time frame to go through

        My site they will see broken pics pics half loaded and some don't load at all it just shows a small box with an x in it ,

        • Hi there!

          Regarding the ticket #1883825, ok the screenshot is not needed if you are not able to make it, I do understand basically what you can see on your end. However, after several tests, we are still not able to reproduce the issue on our end on any available tablet that we have for the tests. Based on the experience, such issue could appear because of the file format its size and unstable internet connection. As internet connection has nothing to do with us my colleague has asked you about the format of the picture that you have tried to upload and its size. If you don't know this information or don't know how to check it please send us the picture that you have tried to upload, so we could try to reproduce the issue on our end (as so far the pictures that we are using for the test are getting uploaded without any issues) and make sure that it has nothing to do with internet connection. You can attach the picture to the ticket I have mentioned. Thanks in advance.

          Regarding the missing pictures which are not loading or loading partially, I have taken a look at it yesterday as you may see from my comment the bug report has been posted, which means that I have been able to reproduce it here, on our end, and the tech team already can see the results of the verification. Once they would be releasing the fix I would let you know so you could check whether it has taken effect on your side or not.

          Best regards,

          Ning Team.

          • GIF File (.gif)

            Size - 181 KB (185,601 bytes)

            Dimensions - width 425 x Height 494

            Attributes - A

            Item type - GIF File

            I have uploaded it many times in the pass

            Now instead of your API link

            It says 



            • Hi there!

              I have run several tests on my 2.0 test network. I have uploaded the file with almost the same size and dimensions. And everything has worked well, so I have decided that it's the question of the number of attempts and uploaded it 30 more times. Each time the error you are describing hasn't been reproduced. Have you tried to post this gif file by using another internet connection or another device?

              Best wishes,

              Ning Team.

              • undefinedThis is what I get every time I try to upload the pic

                It still does with winbows 10

                And internet explorer .

                Neither browser works

                Still get the undefined

                Text in the ning API link box  

                Now that's two it tried

                Sorry will not use Firefox

                Goggle chrome

                Mozilla ....

                I open it in a new tab with no problem in a new tab to view in internet  explorer

                why will it not load here in ning.... ?

                It will also open in paint to edit it ,

                But even making a small change to the pic and

                It still will not load ?

                O well just something else to just put up with....

                Thanks anyway and just to let you know I'm not numb when it comes to computers

                Be using them since back when files were copied and saved to the true  square

                floppy disk ....

                apps were a big no no they just give hackers an open door to get in to your computer....

                What happened to programs ?

                Every thing is app app apps ..

                Door ways it to your computer by others and you never know it till they

                Steel your info then crash it so it can not be used any more ...


                • Hi there!

                  It was hard but I have found PC with Internet Explorer here, glad that QA department still using it for the tests. As the result, the gif file has been uploaded without any issues. Sorry, but I cannot see any issues on our end.

                  Best regards,

                  Ning Team.

  • Yep that's right leave 2.0 everything alone,

    many of us still use 2.0 because it is still the best platform you ever made,

    every thing passed that was and is just trying to fix things that are not broken,

    Just to get on them fancy phones, witch is bull droppings, just trying to faze out real computers...

    And if they wont to loose loads of money , just drop 2.0and see how much it will hurt nings pocketbook!!!!!....


    • Hi there!

      You know this question is a bit complicated, some of the creators asking us to change the functionality of 2.0, some of the like you just want to keep everything working the same it's working right now. So as you see there is no solution that would satisfy everybody, unfortunately. By the way, we don't try to fix something that is not broken, as all the fixes, as usual, are provoked by the complaints that we receive from network creators.

      Also from your message I have understood that you have had the feeling that we are going to stop supporting 2.0 networks, but it's not true, this post has been related only to the old posts here on creators, and as the community told us that they are still relevant, instead of the removal you may find them in archive (the link to it is located could be found in the second level menu under Forum).

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

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