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Let's Talk About Ning 3.0

 Good Day, Creators!

If you haven't already heard, Ning has been up to all sorts of good lately. You can read about the new Ning 3.0 in our announcement and on the Ning 3.0 hub here on Creators. We hope we've done a decent job of addressing your questions on our Frequently Asked Questions page, but we're pretty sure you're bubbling over with excitement and…more questions. 

We encourage you to bring the conversation over to the new Ning 3.0: Feedback and Issues category where you can contribute to existing discussions like Initial reactions, What are you most excited about?, and Upgrading and change, or start your own.

In order to keep the forum tidy and collect feedback efficiently, the Ning 3.0 Feedback and Issues category will be heavily curated. Our Advocacy team will be quick to respond, and will also be re-ordering threads and re-titling discussions in an effort to make everything as clear and easy to understand as possible. You can expect us to take actions like closing duplicate discussions and re-titling bug reports (e.g., "Cursor won't appear in hex color code box in Design Studio" would become "Known Bug: Design Studio: Can't edit hex colors in Firefox" once they've been filed in our system.

We want you to feel welcome to air out any concerns, but please do this in a respectful and courteous way. Our team is anxious to address any issues you may have. 

Thanks, everyone. Let's get the conversations started!

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  • we're pretty sure you're bubbling over with excitement and…more questions. 

    That's a sure bet !

    Our Advocacy team will be quick to respond...

    Wonderful to hear!

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