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Exciting News About Ning + Cyndx LLC

We are pleased to announce that Cyndx LLC entered into an agreement with Mode Media to take over the operations of Ning Inc from Mode Media effective immediately.  The Ning and Cyndx teams together are bigger, stronger, and better positioned to provide innovative media solutions that will improve our customers social experience.

Our combined organization is committed to maintaining excellence and strong customer relationships throughout the integration and providing you with superior levels of service and product quality.  A new dedicated team from across the organization will ensure that the transition period is seamless for you while seeking new ways to improve overall service levels.

We look forward to providing you with an even more comprehensive and innovative Social Media experience and solutions.

You can continue to count on service and support from the current and expanding customer team. In the coming weeks, we will keep you informed of our progress and introduce the new management team.

We thank you for your continued support and customer loyalty. Your satisfaction is very important to us, and we want to hear from you so that we can make the service better together.

Should you have any comments, questions or concerns, please contact a member of the integration management team by sending an email to  so that we can respond to you promptly and address your customer service needs.

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  • Olá  Equipe, Bom Dia

    Venho aqui mais uma vez pedir a equipe as atualizações necessárias para que possamos manter as Comunidades, tais como:

    1. Opção de Comunidades PRIVADAS, onde o membro pode adicionar e esperar aprovação. Pois em todas as redes funciona desta forma!

    2. Lixeira nos TÓPICOS, para que possamos excluir postagens de terceiros. Estamos tendo grandes problemas nas COMUNIDADES, pois os proprietários não tem acesso à este recursos cabendo apenas ao Administrador da REDE e, isto é inviável, já que não temos disponibilidade integral para verificar todas as Comunidades. Minha REDE, não cresce devido à vários problemas mas, as reclamações perpassam por este problema  e o fato da rede ser pesada.

    3. Implantação do CHAT. Não entendo que no 2.0, tenha e no 3.0, não. Pessoal reclama a falta deste recurso.

    4. Visualizações de seu perfil

    OBS: Quero continuar com a REDE. No entanto, para que eu consiga membros é importantes a inclusão de novas FERRAMENTAS.

    O pessoal busca algo que se seja mais próximo do antigo ORKUT.

    Aguardo RETORNO

  • be great if we had an update - waiting ?

  • "Continue to count on" may be a bad choice of words, what we've learned to count on in the last few years is to be led blindly, given no product road map, and very little information in general.  We've been made promises that were not kept (Ning 3.0).  We are in the midst of a mass exodus of network creators.  So I hope we can count on that not continuing, and we get some information on how you are going to plug the holes, bale out the water, and signal to the life rafts that the ship isn't actually sinking.  But hope springs eternal, and we're at least glad we didn't go down with the Mode Titanic...  So a sincere thank you to Cyndx LLC for throwing us a life saver, we just hope someone plans to pull us back in.

  • If you need help with setting up your Ning networks Check out we can help you. I love Ning and cant wait for you guys to fix the bugs. Sometimes the menu tab don't work and mobile version. Please add different styles of drop down menus.
  • My site was fine yesterday, now it's a white screen with a list irf links. Why do the problems keep changing, and go from bad to worse?
    • Same here. I have two NING networks and the second one has been working fine. It seems to me that only one server is being affected. I am now looking to move both networks out of NING using a self-hosted script or WordPress plugin. It seems to me that all hosted systems start up nicely and then they are overcome because of greed.  I have worked very hard to build a nice community with good content and great members.  Now because of the incompetence and greed of NING management I have lost it all.  The archiver program is as useless as NING's management and has retrieved a few pieces of the network so now I need to look at technical support from outside NING to retrieve it. If anyone has the technical skills to help me retrieve my data and move my networks please message me. 

  • The sites, including my own, are all working nicely again. Thank you to those who worked on whatever was the issue. I had managed to visit my site using Tor Browser during the outage, although I don't like the feel of that browser. Still, at least in case of emergency it was useful. There continues to be no reversions thus far to old design template, so that is another glitch that must have been fixed, plus I am not receiving error messages when posting. Thanks to all coders and staff who are working on the platform. Long may you run!

  • looks like communication has simply stopped again

    • Ning destroys my business! I lost all my advertiser beause my networks are too many times down!

      Ning= Failure!

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