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Brisbane, CA


March 17

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  • Our Ning site was deleted without warning at some point in the last few days. We received no warning emails. We have long graciously enjoyed comped services from Ning/Glam for our site With the help of Ning technology we were able to make the first film in every country in the world. We had the help of you, the United Nations, the Red Cross, the Ford Foundation, and Hundreds of other non profits. It has been the biggest project of our lives and has supported many people for many years. 

    We desperately need your help to get our site back. The idea that we could have slipped through the cracks and been automatically deleted is incredibly destructive to so much we have build together. 

    Please write us back with any information you can provide. Billing suggested we had a past due account but we have no warning emails and we have been receiving a comped service for several years. We would have paid any bill given the chance so this is quite hear breaking. 

    our live site did live at :

    Please help us recover what is over 6 years of work.

  • 500:Unexpected error. AGAIN? I can't count how many times this has happened over the last 2 weeks. I am running a promotion this week and nobody can access the information. Just great.

  • Does anyone know why there has been no status update about the latest site outage? I am getting the dreaded 500:Unexpected Error message and I need access to my site to pull all my data off if the company is going belly-up. Help?


  • Please is there any way, one can increase he / her membership on their creating networks. I mean from 100 000 to unlimited

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