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Just last week, we added a new column to your member export spreadsheet that allows Network Creators to see the last time each member visited your Ning Network. Now, that same spreadsheet is about to get even more useful, telling Network Creators who is and is not receiving your emails.

To be exact, we've added two new columns to the .csv export accessible on your member management page: 

  • "Receiving Broadcasts?" This column will reflect whether the member has unchecked the setting to stop receiving broadcasts from your Ning Network.
  • "Receiving Email?" This column will reflect whether the member has turned off emails completely on your Ning Network.

You can use this information to see which of your members have disengaged from your Ning Network by turning off either Broadcast Messages or all emails. Additionally, Network Creators that export their member email lists to use with outside services (like Constant Contact) will be able to reflect their members' wishes to not be contacted.

It's another useful addition that should help in engaging your members.

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  • All of this is incredibly useful, but there is something major missing from the csv downloads. I can get data for members, suspended members and left members. Lovely. Why is there not the same for Pending Members?

    • Hey Chris!

      We've never had a .csv download for pending members, largely because it's the one group of people who haven't actually joined yet, and there seemed to be much less demand for that information. And obviously, those members will be in the Members .csv once you accept them. 

      Ning Product Manager

      • Thanks Evan. I would find it very useful, especially if the "my_inviter" field was included. I need to know who invited pending members, as well as be able to email them easily (so they can reply). These people have joined, but they just haven't been approved yet. Having their info in csv form would be very useful. Much more useful to me than members who have left. There are many ways it would make processing pending members faster with all their info in a csv.

  • how can i do to see it separatly in squares, its a big mess of information all together.

  • Hi Evan,


    can you help me? I have a lot of members ( I know them all) who have changed their e mail address and I have sent them the instruction link on Ning Help of how to change e mail sign in. I now receive a number of replies, that they cannot even sign in with the previously used e mail, thus not access the site any longer. I have taken these members of the member's list ( I have not suspended them, just deleted membership) and sent them a new invitation link to sign up afresh with their new e mail address. They report problems with this too. I am at wits end.


    My invited guests live all over the world and I also do have invited persons who cannot even sign up on the first place. I don't know what the problem is. I have a ning Mini. Cannot afford another one for the time being and have to remain on the mini, which is adequate for what we want. But is Mini problematic in this respect.


    Thanks for your advise.



    • Ruth, all plans now have access to email support, so look for the Contact Us link on your Support page. That's on your dashboard. 

    • Sorry to hear you're having trouble, Ruth. Can you submit a ticket for us from your Support link? Since you may need to share private information (like email addresses), we need to take care of that offline. 

  • Great information and having it go to a spreadsheet file makes it even better as I can then sort the results to my liking.

    One thing though: Is there a way to interpret the new results to reflect a bouncing email? I would assume that your email server is getting the bounce messages, but how can I get them? Reason is that if a person is bouncing and their last visit is not recent  then I would want to leave a comment on their page and after a set amount of time, bounce them.

    If bouncing I could assume that they are not getting network emails and if their last visit is about the same time as they started bouncing then I could assume that they are not active at all. I realize they could be signing in on a bad email address and that would be the reason to leave a comment. It would also be a good reason for me to have an option to have everyone re-verify email addy periodically (actually thought Ning did that already).

    One last thing, think I saw where the results would be retroactive? Mine don't seem to be or was it something else. I would like to see the last visit, broadcast and email things retroactive if possible.

    • Hey Mike!

      This is pretty tough to provide, because those are different systems collecting bounce backs than the one building the spreadsheet. I'll see if we can do this though.

      Ning Product Manager

  • Fantastic additional information - Thanks!

This reply was deleted.

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