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Glam Media is now Mode Media Corp!

You may have seen a few months ago that Ning's parent company Glam Media was in the process of deciding on a new name to reflect its varied vertical reach. Today at the Digital Content Newfronts we made a very exciting announcement and we're happy to tell you that Glam Media is now Mode Media Corp. 

Along with the name change comes some really exciting programs for original content including 10 new video series. You can find more information about the name change here.

What's Changing For Your Networks?

Just a word. "Ning | Glam Media" as it appears in your Ning 3.0 Dashboard Bar and "Ning | Glam Social" as it appears in the footer will change to "Ning | Mode Media Corp" and "Ning | Mode Social" respectively. You should see these changes roll out in the coming days. 

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  • Speaking just for myself, I don't mind the name change.  In fact, I like Mode much better than the tacky "Glam".   :)

    The important part to me is how good the product and the customer support is, and how stable my online 'home' is..

    • I am with you on this one Strumelia. I absolutely hated having glam on my footer. It sounds tacky and cheap.

      • Maybe if the brand name "Glam" becomes available again, the Kardashians can use it to market butt polishing creams.   lolol.....   =8-o

        (sorry couldn't resist)

        • How perfectly bad of you! LMAO! Too Funny, and Too True!

          • Not that they would need such a product, of course. They probably are high gloss by this time.

            But highly marketable for their legions of teen fans I imagine.

            I crack me up.


            P.S. oh the irony- while I post here, honest to god, I am also currently working on the design drawings for a new callous-removing battery-powered gizmo.  I'm thinking maybe a very larger buffer attachment now....  lololol

            • LOL! I am afraid I never caught the Kardashian Bug. I was just never into plastic people, and made up, self deemed beauty queens. It always seemed and looked completely fake and shallow to me. I have avoided being anything nearly similar to that. I was raised with the value being on the beauty that the soul gives off instead of the plastics. I use to cringe when people told me I was hot, or great looking. That just never fit with who I wanted to be.

  • Why does the name need to change at all? Just plain "Ning" was fine...

    • I agree Robert. I think the name is established enough that it should be left alone.

      • I've been through at least 10 different corporate buyouts in my lifetime, if not more.  One job was 4 different buyouts and I never moved my desk.  Eventually every single one changed their name.

    • ning is still ning that never changed  glam  bought ning  glam changed thier name to mode

      it doesnt affect nings name at all

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