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Hardware update, and possible issues

Hello there,

We would like to inform you that currently, we are in the process of hardware renovation and it's possible that during next several months there could be some issues with stability of our systems.

We do apologize for any inconveniences in advance and hope that when the update would be finished you will enjoy the changes.

Thanks for understanding.

The Ning Team.


The tech team has released the hotfix recently and the networks should be back up. Please accept our apologies for the temporary inconveniences.

We will keep monitoring the systems in order to prevent or minimize possible downtimes.

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  • Kyryl,

    Thank you for fixing the server speed and update issues! The site loads fast, and saving images, pages and approving members are taking a second or two instead of a minute or two like they were until a few days ago. Very happy.

    • Hi Steve,

      Gald to know that the fix has taken necessary effect and your network work properly right now. I do apologize for all the troubles caused, and thanks for your patience it's highly appreciated by the whole team.

      May the force be with your network :-).

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Why are you still signing up members if the site is not stable? or you should mention the instability on the signup page. I cant even launch my network with all the issues. Everything takes long to fix except getting the monthly membership fee. I've been on just two weeks and nothing but issues. But you want full payments with partial service. That's not business


    • Hi, Gerard!

      Sorry, I haven't wanted to ignore you, unfortunately, I haven't noticed your message on Friday, sorry for this.

      I'll bring the attention of the management to your feedback regarding this situation so they could make necessary conclusions, however as I see you have already contacted us in another way regarding the issues you have the same day you have posted the comment here.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

    • Ignored as you all said.

  • I was going to make a discussion but this will this affect the design studio ( ning 2.0 )? Some of my members are try to open up the design studio but are stuck on the loading stage of it.
    • Hi there!

      By the default, design studio is available only for admins and network creators, so I do suppose you have some sort of design studio for members created with custom code where they are able to change the appearance of their profile. If so could you please provide me with the screen names of those members so I could take a look closely into it? If I have misunderstood you, please accept my apologies, and correct me if you don't mind.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

      • There is an option on Ning 2.0 to allow members to customize their page as to how they want. It basically just stays on loading. I've only heard a couple of people talk about this. But I myself have experienced this issue where it doesn't load. I first thought it was an account issue since it wouldn't load up on my phone or laptop but I had someone else try it out and it worked fine using my account. 


        • Hi there!

          Got it sorry for the misunderstanding. I have just checked the Design Studio functionality and it should load fine, probably the old version of the design studio (not loaded one) has been saved in your cache and your browser keeps displaying it to you. Could you please try to clear cache and cookies or if you are using Chrome you can just switch to the incognito mode and enter your website from there, and please let me know about the results.

          Best wishes,

          Ning Team.

          • I have tried both and it didn't work. Also there is now another issue. We have to click about 20 times before a comment actually sends through. 

This reply was deleted.

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