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Hardware update, and possible issues

Hello there,

We would like to inform you that currently, we are in the process of hardware renovation and it's possible that during next several months there could be some issues with stability of our systems.

We do apologize for any inconveniences in advance and hope that when the update would be finished you will enjoy the changes.

Thanks for understanding.

The Ning Team.


The tech team has released the hotfix recently and the networks should be back up. Please accept our apologies for the temporary inconveniences.

We will keep monitoring the systems in order to prevent or minimize possible downtimes.

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  • Post has been updated

  • is there an ETA for when  will be back up?

  • A further thought b/c this really has me smoking:  When you know you're going to have maintenance issues, you select a time when sites are used the least like at 2 a.m. - NOT during our regular business hours.

    You place a notice on sites forewarning members that it's coming and when its taken down, you place a "maintenance" curtain on them stating when they will be coming back up so visitors know when to return.  You just don't take them down (500 error) with no warning and no maintenance window.

    Bad business the way it's been done.  Bad for all of our businesses

    • Hi, Kos!

      Sorry for the inconveniences caused. 

      This 500 error hasn't happened when we have been doing something with the server side. Few days have passed after the updates made and then suddenly the servers have started to go down, so basically it wasn't scheduled updated that we could have warned you about. 

      Anyway, the issue has been resolved and shouldn't happen again because of the same reason.

      In the future, we are planning at least one maintenance that wouldn't take place during business hours and you will be notified in advance.

      Thanks for understanding.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • broken site     2.0 errors 500

    for several months?????????????????????????????

    • Hi Robert,

      Your site won't be broken for several months, as I have mentioned the issues are possible but it doesn't mean that they would happen.

      We are monitoring the systems 24/7 and trying to prevent issues when it's possible.

      Apologies for any inconveniences.

      Best regards,

      Ning team.


  • "hardware renovation" on sites that are up and running?  Come on........and "several months"?  If we're not going to have stability for several months, are you going to cut our payment levels?  We're not paying for instability.

    My 2.0 is down (500 error) and my 3.0 is up but has no "chat" - yes I called and reported same.  This is NOT good

  • I have a 2.0 Network and its down at the moment

    • Hi there,

      As I see your network is up and running at the moment, we are extremely sorry that it was affected as well.

      Please accept our apologies, our tech has done their best to prevent unexpected downtimes in the future.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

  • Yup I'm down too -

This reply was deleted.

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