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New: Longer URLs

Hi Creators,

A couple of weeks ago we released the ability for you to customize the urls of most types of content in your network. A few minutes ago we bumped up the length of these urls from a maximum of 30 characters to 65 characters (with the exception of groups, which are limited to 50). This should give you even more SEO control and ensure that important keywords from titles automatically appear in your urls.



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  • This is wonderful. Network creators should see more clicks.

  • 3199094?profile=RESIZE_320x320

  • Yay! Good work!

  • NC for Hire


  • Awesome - I was wondering why there was this [irritating] limit. So glad to see it disappear. THANKS!

  • Way to go NING..We Love You

  • good look on this

  • Like a boss

  • I know this upgrade is positive, can someone expalin on this positive move. How this move will help your network in terms of SEO etc?

    • Hi Anthony,

      Here's a url that's been created since the change:


      Previously it would have looked like:


      To the extent that Google looks at keywords in urls in order to determine the subject of a page or the importance of various things within it, then you can see that the new url contains 'recurring-event' and 'copy-event' so it's a little more likely to rate for those types of searches. And of course you can manipulate urls now, so you can fine tune it if you want to something like:




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