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Migrating to Ning 3.0 Status [Update #4]

We're excited to announce that we have begun migrating networks from the Sandbox group. Over the next few weeks, members of the Sandbox will help us improve the migration process. When we finish migrating networks in that group who are ready, and work out any buglets they help us find, we'll open the process up to all of you and officially launch Phase One of the migration process.

What can be migrated?

Content and features listed on this page can now be migrated to a Ning 3.0 Network. Content and features listed on this page cannot be migrated at present, and will be lost once the process is complete. We recommend using the Ning Network Archiver to back up any content that can't be migrated to Ning 3.0.

If you have questions about the migration process, feel free to shoot us an email from your network's Support page. Please note that we will only be able to migrate Sandbox networks that have requested it during this initial stage.

What Can I Expect?

We've received requests for an example of a network that has been migrated. Some of your fellow Network Creators have already migrated, so perhaps some of them would like to share with you how their networks look after migration. In addition, we'll be migrating over to soon, as a way of providing you with a living, breathing example of what to expect. Stay tuned!

Fare thee well, Sandbox creation

With this update, we're also closing the Sandbox program. It has been very helpful to many of you, and we're glad you took us up on the offer of a free network. This was intended as a temporary aid, and it seems like it has served its purpose well. Effective today (3/3/2014), we will no longer accept any requests to have a Ning 3.0 Network converted to a Sandbox Network. If you currently have a Sandbox network, rest assured that no changes are planned for your existing Sandbox networks.

We'll post another announcement once we're able to open the doors to everyone on Ning and officially launch Phase One!

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  • I'm late to the party and am still in Ning 2.0 so I have a few questions. Will videos that have been embedded in discussions in my forum transfer over intact? And have there been a lot of bugs in transferring to 3.0? And eventually will my site become 3.0 without my implementing the change?


    • Yes if it was in the forum post, it transfers over.  They were working on bugs and they solved many of them however it's all been given up on since Ning suspended further transfers.  Yes, originally everyone would be migrated at some point but again, doesn't matter now.  We're all left to Mode Media's will.  Some have left Ning and others, well we have our fingers crossed they hold it together.  Mode has their own social networking platform.  Will we be offered that?  Who knows.  Sadly, they're not talking.

      • So Ning is silent? Are they going under? We're in limbo? I will have to try and reach them by phone to fund out what my options are? This went from a free site to a continual markup in price to migration that never happened. I had a feeling when they took away videos and music from the sites it was going to cause a problem with everyone. Maybe I'm off the mark here but it sure seems that there have been too many radical changes...
        • Valerie you're not alone in your concerns.  Oh lord, no; Mode Media is far from going under.  There are a plethora of posts w/i the forums of Creators concerns though on their lack of further development and communication.  Those still in a 2.0, can feel fortunate to have the ability to export their data while those of us in 3.0 do not have that privilege a this point in time.  Ning says they are (or will) build a 3.0 export tool.  We shall see.  Some have left, many remain but nothing stays free forever.  Those days are long gone...........

          • Thanks Kos for answering, sounds like I'm better off still in 2.0 till they get whatever they're doing worked out....
      • Hey Kos, been away from Creators for a long time, but I have a 2.0 that the client wants to migrate to 3.0.  What do you mean by "Ning suspended further transfers"?

        • Hey Tony - glad you're still checking in.  Yes, they suspended doing migrations a few months back.  No word since then. Sadly they've been completely silent.  They're no longer in the forums and we have no clue what lies ahead for us.

          • Hmmm...gonna have to think this one out.  I really like what we can do with 3.0, and the client needs a responsive platform.  In fact, he's willing to give up paid access and events to get it (as long as I can replace those functions with third party options). Staying with 2.0 is out, but if I can't migrate his members, then I have to come up with a way to get them to sign up again.

            Anyone have any success with that?

  • What's the status now....14 months after this announcement update#4  ....?  All migration has been halted with no hints of the next possible action.

  • Dear i have to pay my annually charges in month of July every much will i have to pay this year.

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