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Dear Network Creators,

Can you hear the bells ringing and children singing carols? Have you already got into the spirit of Christmas? We hope you have because Ning has prepared something that will make this Christmas special for most network creators.

In anticipation of long-awaited holidays, we’ve decided to give you an opportunity to acquire Christmas gifts from your most loyal community members!

From now on, you can place a Donation block on any page of your network to raise funds for your community or any altruistic purpose you pursue. With this new option, you can do the following:

  • Set up a “Donate” button and accompany it with a description where you can explain the purpose of the fundraiser and express your gratitude;

  • Select the payment method: you can accept donations via your PayPal or Stripe account;

  • Monitor the incoming donations in the Analytics section: find out who made a donation and how much money was transferred to your account.

Christmas is the best time to be generous and show appreciation to people who don’t spare their efforts in attempts to create something that everybody else can benefit from. Remember that you are surrounded by people who share the same goals as you, and many of them would love to support you, especially on Christmas Eve! Even if you don’t really believe in miracles, this is the time when magic is possible!

Do you need some extra money to sustain or upgrade your network? Or maybe you want to collect money for a right cause and inspire hope in those who need it most? Share your idea with the community! This Christmas, everything is in your hands!

To activate the Donations feature on your network, please contact Ning customer support center.

Merry Christmas, friends!


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  • im on 3.0 and my option to create a paywall is not in my dashboard.

    • Hi there!

      Sorry for any misunderstandings, the paywalls are still in beta, and could be activated only in case if the creator is asking for this. Please note that their functionality is still developing and being updated almost weekly, so after they have been switched on you can use them at your own risk. If that is ok for you please let me know and we'll activate the paywalls for you.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • yes please. And what threw me off is in the text above you said "From now on, you can place a Donation block on any page of your network". I see this option only as a one page thing instead of an element to add to pages.

        • Hi there!

          Yep, once you have added the page of Donate type, after that, you will see the donate module under "add content" button.

          We have recorded one video, to make it easier to understand how to set this up.

          Also, you may check our help center article related to the donations, this video also would be there including all the instruction in written for and the screenshots

          Hope this helps :-)

          Best wishes,

          Ning Team.

          P.S. Regarding the paywalls, I will ask the developer to turn it on for you. Once it has been turned on I'll contact you via email with the instructions how to manage the paywalls etc.

  • Soooo, no Christmas cheer for 2.0 owners? I can understand why you don't develop anything for the old platform, however, not having a way for us to transfer over to 3.0 without losing all of our data WHILE you produce all these new features is cruel to us.

    Thank for the coal.

    (it's not deserved)

    • Hi there!

      Unfortunately, we haven't been able to finish the work on the migration script fully until Christmas :-( That's the bad news.

      The good news is that elves are packing the present for you :-), and it's not the coal.

      I have sent you the private message here on creators with details please check it and get back to me

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

  • I have tested this in Beta and trust me you all will be pleased.
  • Fantastico! Ho già fatto richiesta per la mia rete!

    • Hi Tony!

      Yes, I can see you on the list :-) We would add the paid access functionality to your network and send you an email when everything is done with the instructions.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

      • Grazie.

This reply was deleted.

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