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Profile Page Customizations in the Ning Design Studio

I've posted about this in a few places, but I'll try to make one definitive answer here. If you all can help me point your fellow NCs to this thread, I'd appreciate it. Sometimes Creators is so busy that folks don't see our responses.


Why didn't Ning launch the Ning Design Studio with profile customization enabled?

Getting profile customization to work with the Design Studio is a good chunk of work. It might seem like we removed a feature, but there was no way we could just re-use the old profile customization experience. We have to rebuild it from scratch. Because there's a good amount of work involved in this, we asked ourselves the question: Should we hold off on launching the Design Studio until we have profile customizations? We answered "No" to this question because plenty of NCs don't have this feature enabled, or don't mind removing it. Therefore, we wanted to make the Design Studio available sooner rather than later.


Will members be able to customize their profile pages? If so, how much?

Yes! Since we're rebuilding the feature, we're going to look at it from a fresh perspective. There were lots of issues with the old profile page customization experience that we'd like to fix if we can — for example, resetting customized profiles, controlling how much members can customize, etc. We're still finalizing exactly what to do. I've heard loud and clear from some NCs that they love how their members can go totally wild with their profile pages. I've also heard — maybe less loud, but just as clear — that many NCs want a controlled profile customization experience. We're also getting some data about how networks use profile page customization, to help prioritize and guide our plans.



When you take a step back and reflect on the Ning Design Studio, as well as the Instant Ad Boxes, this was a monumental release. While we totally hear that folks want profile customization and want it now, there are a number of other next steps we need to consider and prioritize (for example, better Color Pickers with transparency options, a new Features Layout experience that is integrated with the Design Studio, Premium Themes, etc.) Most importantly, we want to make sure that everything is running 100% smoothly and we are responding to your questions about the Ning Design Studio in the Help Center. 

So the short answer is, we don't know when, and we appreciate your patience :) As much as I want everyone using and loving the Ning Design Studio, it's opt-in for a reason, and fact is that some folks will just prefer keeping things exactly the way they are.

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  • Is there any update to user profiles yet?
    • Not yet, but I'll share what I know when I know it (or get someone else to jump in).
      • Eric,  I currently like my network the way it is using the classic theme.  I realize I have a choice now to stay with that theme.  Will I always have the choice to remain with the classic theme?  I just want to be sure I won't be forced to upgrade to design studio in the future.





        • I believe you are fine soldiering on with what you have. I haven't heard any word that we would completely phase out support for Classic themes, but if I do I will definitely share that here.
          • Thanks!
      • Thanks Eric!
  • People


    MySpace changed the internet with profile customization. Then facebook changed it even more by removing it.

    Think about this before you leave Ning. Think about it before you let it loose on your network. There were millions of people on MySpace who thought it was the coolest thing since sliced bread and if MySpace had removed it they would have stormed the MySpace corporate HQ probably, but there were even more people who prefered a MySpace with simple profiles that were easier to navigate: facebook.


    At the end of the day your members will hate you for not giving them profile customization, but even more will love you for it.

    If you don't think so, then go ahead and follow the MySpace strategy. The choice is yours.

    • I might have to switch,when it comes to business its not what you want its what your clients want. I am paying $$ to satisfy my members,I should have an option to upgrade to that feature. I do want my members to get creative,but we can also limit how crazy they go on their pages. Not having this option is a blow to my network because most are artists and love to express themselves. Ning you have a choice,satisfy your members or lose them,its that simple. I want my network to have the choices i paid for,dont change on me. I enjoy the website and would hate to start over again ,work your computer magic,do something,give me what i paid for. I changed to this new feature not because i wanted to but your network changed my page settings. I must admit,I love it,I just want more choices .
      • Hello Manny, your choice is simple: don't use the Design Studio while it is in Beta. Remember it's not a finalized product yet and you are not forced to use it. You have a choice, so if your clients needs dictate that you must have profile customization already got it.
      • Hi, Manny. I'm actually a bit confused by your comment because it appears you want to both a) let your members get creative because they are artists and love to express themselves but also to b) limit how crazy they go on their pages. I think we've been pretty clear (in this discussion and others) that additional options for your members to customize their pages will be coming in the Design Studio. So, you'll have more choices. Until then, you can always continue to use your Classic theme. If you have switched to using a Design Studio theme, you can always switch back to your Classic theme until you're confident we have met your needs.
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