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  • BTW, I see a lot going on with the updated Ning site and a lot of promotional posts on Facebook and such... Ning Team, do you guys realize that you are not ready for this?

    Your articles are problematic. Just the spelling alone suggests whatever you are promoting is a scam - like it was written by some dude in Africa who wants to send you a million bucks if you just send in your personal info, sign up, or click a link. As the front line promotional activity, hire a professional content "copy" writer, freelance if you want an affordable option to try, but someone who can check spelling / grammar / messaging to represent the company with a little more credibility.

    The ideas you are promoting are flawed and very predictable from a standpoint of what you are trying to do. Why would anyone look to blog on Ning when they could easily set up a free blog elsewhere, but especially why would they want to monetize through you? Has Ning paid off the multitudes of professional bloggers who tried to monetize through Glam / Mode yet - when the company shut down left a lot of those debts outstanding, and had a long history of problems with timely payouts - so you've probably got this entire community of bloggers out there who are angry at Ning for their blog monetization programs, and they are adamant and vocal about it.

  • Any chance we'll be back up soon?


    Comedy Whirled
    An Equal Opportunity Humiliation Machine -Best Caption Contests -Comedy Shorts -Image Manipulation -Those Were Different Times Cap-Con
    • Hi Ian,

      As Anthony has mentioned the site is up, and we have sent you the reply on the facebook regarding your issue, please check your inbox.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

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