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Scheduled maintenance on Friday, November 16

We will be performing maintenance on the Ning Platform on Friday, November 16, beginning at 10 PM Pacific Time. During this time, all Ning Networks will be unavailable for approximately 15 minutes.

We've been proud to offer a consistently high uptime and need to perform some crucial database updates to ensure that reliability continues.

During this time:

· Your Ning Network will display a maintenance page matching your current theme customization to let your members know that your community is temporarily unavailable.
· We will update the Ning Status Blog when this maintenance begins and ends.
· Creators will also be down for maintenance. We'll update here when all is complete.

You may want to let your members know about this downtime in advance via a Broadcast Message or notice on the Main Page of your network. Feel free to make use of the language below, filling in your network details.

Formal: We will be performing maintenance on [network_name] on Friday, November 16, between 10 p.m. and 10:15 p.m. Pacific Time. During this time, [network_name] will be unavailable. We hope this won’t be too much of an inconvenience as we work to perform some necessary upgrades.

Informal: Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up that we need to perform some simple but necessary maintenance on [network_name] this coming Friday, November 16. We’ll need to take the site down at 10 p.m. Pacific for about 15 minutes, during which we’ll simply show a message asking folks to check back later. Thanks in advance for your patience while we tune up the site!

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  • Hi everyone, we're about to begin the scheduled maintenance. During this time, and all Ning Networks will be unavailable (including Creators). I'll update here again when this maintenance is complete.


    • Hi again,

      We ended up going a few minutes over, but we're all done! If you're still seeing any issues, please send us a ticket from the Support area of your My Network dashboard. I've closed this discussion to avoid any confusion.


  • Hi Eric,

    I m sure the maintenance has not started at the current moment but why my site is behaving erratic since yesterday. SignOut is not working. Dashbord tool is not working. Tex boxes are not showing tool bar and copy paste is not possible, sub menu drop down not working. There are several other issues too....

    I am a software professional and you may expect that I could have done things required at my end. I checked after removing entire customizations, clearing catche,,,,,,,,but result is the same.

    • You are correct: Maintenance has not begun. 

      You want to try this: Hold down the shift key while reloading the page. Sometimes an error like this can be related to a problem with the cached Javascript in your browser. 

  • Mi red no funciona!. Por favor necesito ayuda urgente

    • Póngase en contacto con nuestro equipo de soporte, Miguel.

      • Podías indicarme una url donde hacer la consulta?, gracias!

  • Is that why we are getting a error in settings.  I  went on 2 pros on my network and I'm getting a error

    • Tyler,

      This maintenance hasn't started yet. It looks like what you were seeing was due to a brief issue we had this afternoon that should be all resolved now.


  • Thanks for the update!
    Blessings Always

This reply was deleted.

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