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Search maintenance

Hi there!

We would like to inform you that at the moment search feature wouldn't be working for while. It's necessary to disable it for a couple of hours today in order to fix issues related to its incorrect work. we are planning to start deployment of the fix closer to 6 am CST, and according to the plan the whole process should take up to 6 hours.

When maintenance is finished, this post will be updated.

Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards,

The Ning Team.


The maintenance is finished

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  •  A nadie le sale la opcion compartir a ninguno de los miembros a menos que los nombre administrador y esto causa confucion porque los administradores hacen cambios sin estar en comun 

    nesecito ayuda urgente 


    • Hi there!

      We do apologize for any misunderstandings, however as I can see you are on the Mini plan and unfortunately that plan doesn't have the ability to change the settings of the share buttons, and as I see you have been informed about this back in January when our QA department was investigating this issue. If you wish to have share option on your network it would be necessary to upgrade to the Plus Monthly plan at least.

      Apologies for any inconveniences.

      Best regards,

      Ning Team.

  • Thank you for the heads up.  Is there any chance this is effecting the editor box?  I am unable to upload on 3 different networks I administrate for.

    • Hi there!

      Yes, unfortunately, teh file uploading has been affected as well. However, at the moment everything should work fine, as teh engineers have noticed teh issue and released the hotfix urgently.

      Apologies for the temporary inconveniences.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

  • My search works but to view my videos don’t 

    • Hi there!

      We are making changes on each server one by one, so teh search might work on some networks from time to time. And yes, unfortunately, the videos has been affected, however, the teh team is already aware of this problem.

      We do apologize for the temporary inconveniences.

      Best wishes,

      Ning Team.

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